The Walls of Jericho

AO: The Paragon

When: 02/27/2018

QIC: dosido

PAX (): homeboy, fleetwood, FNG Brian Snyder (baywatch), spaceballs, girard, manning, nomad, thrasher, hightops, romo, smurfette, papa john, kiffin, catniss, titlemax, goodhands, hooters, cuban, ricky bobby

Before I went to bed last night I somehow mislead myself to think it would be warm in the morning. I pulled out the shorts, a t-shirt, skipped the gloves, and hit the sack. On the way over to our magnificent yet possibly temporary AO at Dean Rusk Middle School, I watched the temperature gauge plummet all the way down to 39. I was not a happy camper, but YHC persevered. Here’s what we did in the gloom:

Warmup consisted of a short mosey followed by Merkins IC, Peter Parkers IC, and SSH IC – what followed would eat lots of time so very brief warmup today.

Onto the Thang:

YHC was happy to see an unlocked gate allowing full access to circle the school for a Walls of Jericho BD. I believe Babyface Q’d a similar thing at the kodiak about a year ago and I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to whip it out on my own ever since – it was that memorable. Today, YHC along with 19 eager PAX made our own memories.

WOJ= 7 total laps of the entire school building with a set of 7 reps of the following after each lap: Donkey Kicks, Burpees, BB Situps & Mountain Climbers. After much discussion on the watercooler, I crunched the numbers and concluded each lap to be 580 meters, totaling ~2.7mi for the running portion. I’m mighty proud of the guys today, I heard lots of encouragement out there keeping PAX motivated to finish this thing off. In a sign of solidarity, at least a dozen PAX took an extra lap alongside the six to further prove we are in this together, not just for ourselves.

Time allowed about 3 MOM with LBCs IC, Flutter Kicks IC & Leg Lifts IC




PAX again lifted Amy and her family in our prayers; the young lady with a young family who’s now with the Lord.

Continued prayers for healthy growth as The Paragon faces expansion


Mole Skin:

Evidently the WOJ workout is ready-made for the likes of Spaceballs, Smurfette, and Titlemax. These 3 PAX, in that order, could not be caught today – strong work men

Welcome FNG Brian Snyder (baywatch) because his wife when he met her some time back was a lifeguard and, blah blah blah, nothing else mattered at that point – he got baywatch. Haha, I’m kidding of course. We’re glad you came out – please come back for more!



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