Westside Gravity Assist

AO: The Hurt Locker

When: 02/24/2018

QIC: Légionnaire

PAX (): Scott "C4", Anthony Joseph "Babyface", Cricket, Homeboy, Marie Rubens Gaetan "Legionnaire", Patrick "Misty", Westside, Peter "Hombre", Ricky Bobby, FNG (Nomad), Whammo, Alan "Floppy", Voodoo, The Mole, Steven "Spaceballs", Bradford "TitleMax", Banjo, Allan "Harp"

As of late the Saturday morning Rucking PAX had grown accustomed to the incessant complaint from Westside about the burden that Gravity was imposing on his tired 31-year-old body and how Rucking downhill would ease the pain (YHC really did not see the point of that anyway…)

While his cries were left unheard and his begging left unanswered in the gloom of the pre-beatdown hour, he nonetheless overcame adversity and became the inspiration of that morning exercise routine…

Warm Up


Cherry pickers X15

Moon Gods 30 seconds each way

Freddie Mercuries X20 Kodiak Count

The Thang

The PAX started Indian-moseying around Veterans Park’s big loop with Westside taking point. Every time he would come back around the PAX would come to a halt and check the incline, going uphill and we would do a low count exercise X10 while going downhill with Gravity Assist we would do (drum roll… wait for it… you guessed it…) a higher count exercise X20. At each stop, a new set of exercise would be added.

Indian Run 1
Indian Run 2
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20
Indian Run 3
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20, Dry DocksX20
Indian Run 4
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20, Dry DocksX20, LBCsX20
Indian Run 5
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20, Dry DocksX20, LBCsX20, Freddie MercsX20
Indian Run 6
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20, Dry DocksX20, LBCsX20
Indian Run 7
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20, Dry DocksX20
Indian Run 8
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20
Indian Run 9
Indian Run 10
MerkinsX20, Big Boy Sit-ups X20
Indian Run 11
MerkinsX20, Big Boy Sit-ups X20, Jumping Squats X20 (Courtesy Banjo)

Run back to the flag for some MARY

Charly Oscar Tango

Prayers for Babyface’s friend’s M going thru Chemo and for Whammo as he and his family face an important crossroad in their life. Also awaiting the return of Gamecock following the loss of his M.

2nd F next Saturday @ Reformation Brewery.

Paragon back to Dean Rusk MS on Tuesday while Kodiak visits an unsuspecting nearby AO…

MoleSkin and Coffeeteria

In an effort to uplift the PAX IQ Misty is now running a weekly book review during the Rucking good times Don’t miss it…! Speaking of which, if you have a community copy of “Free to Lead” and are done with it, sign it, pass it on and share the wisdom.


Walk this way – Aerosmith / Who made Who – AC/DC / Wake me up – Avicii / Paradise City – Guns & Roses / Highway to hell – AC/DC / Ex’s and Oh’s – Elle King / Sail – AWOLNATION / I wanna rock – Twisted Sisters

 Légionnaire, OUT!

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