Wall Walking

AO: Rubicon

When: 02/22/2018

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Cookie, Nacho, Scar, Spandex, Bo Knows, Saint2O, Zima, Saban, Kruger, Lumberg, Ha-Ha, Radar, Jackelope, Special K, Mayhem, Miller Time, Devito

Well, you can tell it feels like Spring outside cause Rubicon numbers are back up over 15. This was a beautiful morning at about 60 degrees and clear of the recent rain. In short, a perfect morning for Scar to do burpees … so burpee we shall. More on than later.

We kicked off with a mosey over past the pool to the planters. Warmup consisted of IC hill billies, windmills, mountain climbers and merkins. Warmed up, we moved on to a set of OYO 15 dips, 15 step-ups and 10 burpees. Rinse and repeat. Ha-ha put in some extra credit on the burpees. Time to move on so we ran over to the track and gathered at the wall on the far side. Partner up. Partner A does 10 wall walks (high plank, “walk” back up to balls to the wall, “walk” down to high plank) while partner B does AMRAP squats. Flapjack. Sounded like a birthing ward during the wall walks. Once both partners are finished, run a lap on the track stopping at each of the 6 lampposts for 2 burpees. Another round of partner wall walks, this time with 5 wall walks vs 10. Another lap on the track with burpees.

Keep partners and move on to catch me if you can. Partner A starts running backwards around the track. Partner B does 5 burpees then sprints to catch Partner A. Switch. Keep going until each partner has done 3 rounds of burpees/sprint. Once all are in, we headed to FOD and gathered at home plate. Round of the bases with 20 Merkins at first, 20 squats at 2nd, 20 big big boy sit-ups at 3rd, and 10 burpees at home. Repeat twice more. Time was short so a quick run to the flag. “Scar, how many burpees have done so far this morning?” “You’re absolutely correct, we’ve done 89 burpees. We can’t stop there … one more for 90!” And with that, we’re done.


Prayers for our injured Alpha brothers that they would heal up and get back out soon.

Good to see so many back out at Rubicon again now that the weather is nice.

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