Song of the Bullfrog

AO: The Firehouse

When: 02/22/2018

QIC: Reuben

PAX (): Bushwood, Beans, Chitwood, Dash, Dory, Houser, Lego, Skynard, Reuben

Spring is a season of rebirth and of new life.  A new beginning for vegitation and of course wildlife. The song of the bullfrog was ringing in our ears as we ventured into the unknown. Yes,  Spring is here! Ok…..enough poetry, let me tell you how it went.  9 PAX hit the humidity of the gloom with full force and plunged into the morn with our heads held high. Let’s hit it!

Long mosey up towards Stonehenge with a few reverse runs and a few bearcrawls in between various gaps of no parking signs.


Imperial walkers

Abe Vigoda

The Thang

Various pain stations was in the agenda today and YHC had his mind set on a full body work out.  Chest and arms first. ATM’s within our ring of fire around the round-about.

3 rounds of shoulder touches and merkins. No rest in between exercises.  We did these all in cadence with merkins(down 1, 2, 3 and up on 4). 1st round 10, 2nd round 15, 3rd round 20 reps.

Mosey back south towards the Hills of Pain.  We added a few bearcrawls along the way just in case our shoulders weren’t already burning.

Station #2-Legs- 11’s- combo of plank jacks at bottom of hill and sumo squats at top.  Flutters and leg lifts for the 6. With our legs gone, we took a quick mosey towards the soccer field greeted by a few jovial  bullfrogs singing our praises along the way.

Station #3- Abs- Captain Thor was our final routine.  1:4 ratio(1 BBS w/ 4 American hammers- all the way to a 10:40 ratio in cadence).  Mission accomplished and abs spent.

With time to spare, we headed over to the rock pile for some generous coupons and a memorial excercise routine in honor of the late Billy Graham- Colt 99’s (33 half curl, 33 full, and 33 skull crushers).  No time for mary.  We out.

  • COT/Moleskin

Great to have Chitwood back with us.  He even brought fellow Kodiak brother Bushwood with him as well! RESPECT!!!!

Welcome Dory from Kodiak as well! In preparation for his upcoming Q on Tuesday, this HIM came out to see the lay of the land for himself.  What a guy!

Love seeing the diversity of this AO and its members! You can see a true intensity to  push and encourage each other to the end.

-March 17th launch for Saturday workout at Central Park-7am still in the works.

Prayers for those families struggling through health issues.

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