Wet, Grinder Morning

AO: The Hooch

When: 02/21/2018

QIC: Saint2o

PAX (): Khakis, Sunshine, Boomer, Jimbo, Flo, El Matador, Sneakers, Saint2o, Piggy, Ralphie, Scrooge, Simba

YHC was happy to have 12 PAX for today’s beatdown, it fit in perfectly with my plan. And of course, the rain stopped hours before we got there, so we had a nice muggy morning, just perfect for some pain. YHC had a lot more planned than what we got through, but I always want to be prepared. And YHC mentioned that I crossed through Bear Crawls, just that morning, so the PAX was grateful for that!

Mosey around parking lot
SSH, WM, IW, Copperhead Squat (all IC)

The Thang:
Mosey to the church parking lot, Indian Run once we crossed the road. We stopped at the second long parking lot heading toward the pool and track.
Grinder time! Lucky we had 12 PAX, so get in 4 groups of 3, and explain how a grinder works: 2 stations with exercises, alternate exercises and running to other station to relieve person there and take over. Do each station 3 times and finish where you started. Plank for the six. Most PAX got it quickly, with the only confusion being where and when to stop. Also, the second station was pretty far, yelling was required to recover when the six was in.

Sets included:
Burpees, Big boy situps
LBCs, Squats
Mercans, American Hammer

Time was running short so we moseyed back in the general direction of the flag. Mix in some inchworm run, or Betsy Ross (or Diana Ross).
When the PAX got to Hurricane’s, we did some lunges, and then moseyed on to flag.

I noticed we had some extra time, so I offered some (timely) Winter Olympic exercises. I had a Weinke full of them but we only did 2: Speed Skaters and Snowboards (fun!)

Windshield wipers, Dolly, Mercans, Gas pumpers, Freddie Mercury, Dying Cockroach, something else I can’t remember

Discussion about signing up for the Dash (see Sunshine)
2nd F Thursday night (see Miller Time)
Prayers for improving relationships with the M (Q1.5)
3rd F at coffeeteria right after (thanks El Matador, sorry I couldn’t make it)

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