Burpees, Baseball and A Peanut!

AO: The Rubicon

When: 02/20/2018

QIC: Zima

PAX (): Scar, Lundberg, DC2, Spandex, Special K, Ha-Ha, Krueger, Peanut, Jackalope, Zima

10 PAX showed up in the gloom ready for a nice competitive morning.  We were pleasantly joined by Peanut – back after awhile in the field, the weather warmed up and it was time for harvesting!  Welcome back Peanut! Here’s how it went down.   For starters, Mosey to west side of park for warmup
SSH, Imperial Walkers, Squats and Cotton Pickers to start us off.
The Thang
After a Mosey to hill it was time to for BurpBack Mountain
Pax partner up.
Partner 1 runs up to top of hill while Partner 2 does burpees.
Flap Jack and rinse and repeat until 100 total burpees are completed by each pair.  I remember Peanut saying something about running up the hill was not how he wanted to ease back into things.  Ha!
Following the hill, we left on a mosey to field of dreams.  Before we got there we made a quick stop at the wall by the playground for a quick 3 set round of Donkey Kicks. Rep count = 12, 10, 8.
Once at field of dreams we finished up with F3 Baseball
Pax divided into 4 groups.  At each base each group started with an exercise.
Home plate was squats, 1B was merkins, 2B was American Hammer’s and 3B was mountain climbers.  Rep count was 30 per pax.  The object of the game is to be the team who reached the base they started at the most.  The most number of “runs” or points wins.   I don’t know who actually won the game because I think we were all too gassed to remember. Note: when you don’t have a number of pax divisible by 4 this game gets a little tricky 
Lastly, a mosey back to the flag for COT
Prayers for neighbors of Spandex going through tough family times
2nd F Thursday 6:30 at BarleyGarden at Avalon.  East end of Avalon by The Hotel at Avalon

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