Talladega w/ Pit Stops

AO: The Paragon

When: 02/20/2018

QIC: Ricky Bobby

PAX (): Smurfette, Thrasher, WhoDat, Papa John, HighTops, FNG Fargo (Andrew Price), Fleetwood, Garfield, GoodHands, Wiggum, Kiffen, The Mole, Law Dog, Legionnaire, Katniss, Dory, Yogi, Cricket, WestSide

20 PAX showed up on this warm Tuesday morning while many others were vacationing away. As a VQ, YHC tried to keep it simple today but push the limits.  There are a few things Ricky Bobby knows how to do; Go real fast, drive a race car and specifically take left turns.  To stay in fashion, that is what the PAX did today.  Here is how the BD laid out.


Mosey 1 lap then circled up for the following

  • SSH IC x14
  • Sun Gods IC
  • Hill Billys IC x 14
  • Cotton Pickers IC x 10

THE THANG:  Talladega w/ Pit Stops

The PAX used the large sidewalk loop as our Nascar track today going counter clockwise to perform the Cooper.  The Cooper consisted of 1 lap around the track back to the ‘Pit Stop’, perform group of exercises, then run another loop, and so on.  The first stop at the pit stop the rep count was x10, next stop was x9 reps, then x8…down to x1. At the Pit Stop the PAX performed a series of exercises listed below.

The exercises of The Cooper are as follows:

  • Burpees
  • Squats
  • Merkins

The Cooper resulted in approximately 3.3 miles of running and 55 on each exercise. Smurfette was feeling the merlot by the end but managed to keep it in the bottle.

With our shoulders and arms already aching from all the Burpees and Merkins YHC decided to bring a new exercise to the PAX.  The Tire Turners.  The PAX chose a local coupon of choice and held the coupon in front of them as if it were a steering wheel.  The PAX then proceeded to drive their wheel from left to right as we walked around the short track.


  • SSH IC
  • The Dying Cockroach IC
  • American Hammer IC
  • Freddy Mercury IC


  • Name-o-rama for our FNG (Andrew Price), Northern boy, Minnesota man with an accent….so Fargo it is.
  • Prayers for Garfield as he asks for accountability fighting a long time struggle.
  • Legionnaire awarded Ricky Bobby with an F3 flag patch for his VQ.


  • This AO will be at Badger Creek Park Thursday for a little Q School with Law Dog.
  • 2nd F event at the Avalon is happening this Thursday, 2/22. Location is The Beer Garden at 6:30pm.
  • Kodiak and Paragon 2nd F event at Reformation Brewery is scheduled for Saturday 3/3 at 6:30pm

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