We love to rock

AO: The Hooch

When: 02/14/2018

QIC: The Dab

PAX (): Boomer, Simba, Piggy, JimBo, Sunshine, Khaki, Scrooge, Sneakers, Ralphie


Another double digit count of Pax posted today. Great to have some new faces posting on a regular basis. Let’s hope that this continues!

Today is St. Valentine’s Day and so it’s a time when men try put their best foot forward (and hopefully not in their mouth…as YHC tends to do)….with that in mind we put our feet forward and Moseyed to the rock pile for some “Love rocks to eleven”

Here is what I recall happening (remember I’m old so I may get stuff mixed up)

Warm up – In cadence

SSH x20 , Empirial walkers x20,  Windmills x20

The Thang

Mosey towards rock pile….

Sidewalk animal fun:

Bear Crawl to second lamppost, Mosey to forth lamppost and Crab Walk to sixth and Plank for the 6.

Repeat – we’ll except YHC Moseyed to the fifth post…let’s call it a “senior moment”.

Mosey to next exercise…Donkey kicks x20

Mosey to rock pile – lots of comments about how long it’s been for us to be at the rock pile.  Hard couldn’t tell, but it didn’t sound like the Pax was happy to see the rock pile…

Pax grabbed a rock, YHC took a heart healthy sized rock – meaning it broke my heart half way through the routine.

11s with rock – 1 Burpee and Mosey with rock to top of hill and 10 squats.

The plan was to do several different exercises…but this routine took all YHC could give and as luck would have it we ran out of time.

Return rocks to pile and Indian run back.

Jimbo and the rest of Pax should they could run easily without carrying a rock.

6 inches for the 6. Done….No time for Mary


Prayers for Sneakers dealing with landscaping contractor issue

Prayers for Piggy and wisdom in making right decision on new job opportunity.



Might not be a good idea to write a love note on the back of your winkie 🙂 (thanks Sunshine!).

Great work by the Pax with a hard beatdown…always an honor to lead.

The Dab

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