Tommy Boy

AO: The Paragon

When: 02/13/2018

QIC: dosido

PAX (): cricket, fleetwood, ricky bobby, hasbro, manning, chitwood, papa john, thrasher, satellite, homre, garfield, popo, wigham, legionnaire, homeboy, smurfette, hooch, cuban, wham-o, lawdog, titlemax,

The Paragon is a big thing, and today we fit a big thing it into a tiny space. I couldn’t help but think of the movie reference Tommy Boy when Chris Farley (RIP) squeezed his gigantic self into David Spades jacket singing, “fat guy in a little coat” until all the seams burst in a hysterical scene of movie magic. It was kinda like that this morning when, for reasons I’ll respectfully leave out of this BB for another time, 23 gigantic PAX filled the tiny SHS replacement AO at JB Owens Park. Don’t get me wrong, the quaint little park is perfect for families, and my kids have had some great times there, but for the pack of veracious animals that showed up looking to git’ some; it was quite a task to fulfill their needs.

Here’s how it went down



Mosey the loop found down in the depths of darkness, far away from the parking lot lights – our eyes adjusted quickly, but soon after, YHC blinded several PAX with an ill-placed beam of high-intensity head-lamp light. Lesson learned, save the head lamp for when everyone is facing the same direction; like, forward.

Circle up (or triangle up in this case) for disclaimer and warmup exercises of :

SSH – thanks to manning for leading a quiet round for the disclaimer recital

Mtn Climbers IC

Merkins IC



The Thang:

Mosey another lap then head into the field for:

Bearway to Heaven = 7 flags, all 5yrds apart. Bearcrawl to and from each flag in succession like suicides, adding 1 burpee at home for each flag you come back from. Not much mumble chatter here; all told this is ~280yrds of bear crawls and 28 burpees. No one really likes to bear crawl, you just need to bear crawl. Keep those asses down! it hurts more

Mosey another 3/4 lap to the coupon pile for a medium stone, then head up into the lot at the base of the hill for 11’s w/coupon. Perform rock- thrusters at the bottom and rock-curls at the top. Not explaining the format, I think we all know how 11’s work.

Mosey back down to deposit the coupon, then take off for another lap, ending up at the flag for 6mins Mary consisting of:

Bodybuilders IC

Dying cockroach IC

Rosalita IC

Dolly IC



It was an honor to lead the BD this morning in unexplored territory. All things considered, YHC is hopeful it was worth coming out for. For those PAX thinking of Q’ing for the first time, that’s one aspect to always keep in mind; make it hard. PAX like being challenged, and the brutes of The Paragon are no exception.

Popo mentioned a line of duty fatality, and manning reminded us of the young mom with cancer not doing well. Lord, hear these prayers and move in these lives as only you can do.





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