Stand by your Man and don’t leave him behind

AO: The Hooch

When: 02/12/2018

QIC: Sunshine

PAX (): The Dab, Flo, Feathers, Scrooge, Sneakers, Jimbo, Piggy, Boomer, Nacho, Ralphie and Khakis

12 men got what they paid for on an early Monday morning, 60 degrees with a mist! Honor to lead you men this morning.  We can not do it alone.  We need each other.  Today we all worked together to make it though the beat down.  Welcome FNG Khakis!  (Mich St grad)

Warm up.  (60 degrees, like we needed it)

Run around the parking to get loose then circle up

20 – SSH

10 – Windmill

10 – Weed picker

10 – Thigh Master Lunges

10 – Squats

10 – Mountain climber

10 – Annie Merkins


Run over to field

Indian run along the way.


Tammy Wynette – Partner up, Vet with Rookies.  While one reps the other holds.  Pair makes the number

Plank – merkin 50

Air chair- squat 100

Six inches – big boy sit up 100


Run around to the fire pit

Another Tammy Wynette – new exercises same partner

Dip-hold – 25

Irkin –plank – 25

6 in – gas pumper – 25

Rinse and repeat


Moseyed up the hill and toward the flag. To not leave any man behind we circled back to collect the pax.  Front runners ran backwards as the rest ran forward to catch up.


We came together and found a light to circle up for ring of fire.  As the wave came around we did our rep as Q switched it as we sent around.


Marry Cathryn



Gas pumper


Several cars drove though our ring so we called it quits to head back to the flag.


Little merry with some hip dips and ABC draw to finish on time.


We welcomed FNG Khakis!


Prayers for:

Boomers brother Steve.

Sneakers low feelings.  We are here for you brother!

Flo’s wife’s health.

Growth for these men – mentally, physically and spiritually


Praise for Dab’s son.  He is happier!

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