Journey to the Edge of Forsyth

AO: Firehouse

When: 02/08/2018

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Reuben, Dash, Skynyrd, Lego, Beans, Fudd, Foghorn

There’s something just not right about waking to an alarm in the 4:00 hour, but when Crack mentioned the newly minted Firehouse was looking for Qs to help launch the AO, YHC jumped in. Somehow Fudd (an FNG just two weeks ago) agreed to be scooped up along the way, and so a caravan was born and on the road at 0455.

YHC wasn’t sure what to make of Matt Park from its website, and Google maps had yet to update its satellite imagery of the new park.. so the Q showed up with a few weapons but just a vague idea of the plan of attack, ready to go to work on the fly.

The Warmup:
One Hot Mile(ish) along a LONG road back to the entrance, with a brief stop for Hillbillies and Squats.

This AO does not want you to park along this stretch of road, with a No Parking sign about every 30 feet… had to be at least 50 of these in all. So escalating merkins on the way back to the main lot, stopping at each sign for 1, 2, 3, 4.. up to 15 merkins.

Grab a curb for Dips x 15, Derkins x 15.. a few rounds.

11s to the crosswalk and back, Star Jumps meet Squats.

Copperhead Merkins x 15

With 12 minutes left, time for a classic and a favorite.. the Deconstructed Burpee.

Finish with Mary..  Flutter, LBC, Big Boy Situps

Back to the Flag.

Lots of praise for other men holding us accountable. Prayers for those in our lives in need of a little extra attention from our Creator.

Lego showing great consistency throughout the beat down, and finishing with a smile on his face.

Dash looks to be a tough dude, will be easily outpacing the Q in no time. Apparently his M likes him to stay soft, but he won’t be soft much longer.

Love seeing a guy like Beans push hard through 45. He refused to quit, pacing with the PAX throughout. It’s hard to quit when you have guys along for the ride who are just as miserable as you are. It won’t get easier.. as the saying goes.

Skynyrd also with a quiet consistency. I hear he’s handy with the shovel flag design, look forward to seeing the final product. Be sure to post it to Twitter and tag F3ShovelMakers

Reuben is a guy you just can’t help but immediately like. Full of encouragement for this group, a fine Site Q. Also a friend of the elusive Sweeper, who is still unaccounted for after taking last winter off. Hope to SYITG again very soon.

And Fudd. Two weeks off his first post, YHC thinks this #WarBaby might actually make it. He, like all of us, needs this group in his life. A former cross country runner, YHC is trying to humble him while still possible before he becomes the one doing the humbling, as is the natural order of F3.

Feeling grateful for almost 3 years of F3.




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