Catch Me if You Can

AO: The Wreck

When: 02/09/2018

QIC: SmackDown

PAX (): Rusty, Grease Monkey, Squeegee, Crab Legs, Shooter, Goat, FNG – Tim, TP, Ibeam

Ten PAX ditched the fartsack for the gloom and closed out the work week with a Friday beat down led by YHC. 5:30a we mosey to the parking lot adjacent to the turf fields.

Warm Up
Imperial Walker
Toy Solider
Abe Vigoda
BB Sit Ups
Mosey to the gridiron.

The Thang
Core Suicides
– Sprint to the 50 yard line and back for 50 Flutter Kicks
– 40 for 40 LBC’s
– 30 for 30 Sweat Angels (double count)
– 20 for 20 J-Lo’s (double count)
– 10 for Big Boy Sit Ups
Rinse, repeat and reverse the order

On our six, feet six inches up as we wait for the six.

Suicides continue, but on all fours!

Bear Crawl to the 50, 25 Merkins, Bear Crawl back

Crab Walk to the 50, 25 Crab Cakes (double count), Crab Walk back. No coincidence Crab Legs was in the lead group for this evolution. Quick 10 count then mosey over to The Wreck’s Old Glory.

Partner up for a little Hanks/DiCaprio Catch Me if You Can. Hanks drops for 10 Burpees while DiCaprio takes of backpedaling. Burpees completed, Hanks sprints after DiCaprio who drops for 10 Burpees watching Hanks’ heel turn. Burpees, backpedaling and sprints continue around reflection pool until duo hits 100 Burpees. Once the group was collected we moseyed back to the flag for COT.

Prayers for Goat’s family as they mourn the passing of their canine and for all those out there struggling.

Welcome FNG Tim aka “Toro.” Also, glad to meet Shooter who was in town from an AO around Charlotte!

For those that had commitments this a.m., I am sorry we ran over. I got caught up in the burpees and forgot to check my watch. I know it is important that we start on time, so we finish on time. That way we get to work on time, to have that project submitted on time, so we get that promotion on time, to buy that            on time, and so on and so forth. Time is important. But don’t forget the moment. THIS moment is the only time that is guaranteed.


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