A River Runs Through It….

AO: Kodiak

When: 02/07/2018

QIC: Dory

PAX (): Wham-O, Legionnaire, Bloodhound, Dory, Westside, Cavalier, Titlemax, The Mole, Thumper, Wiz, Woody, Hombre, Floppy, Natty Lite

14 strong men broke free from the bonds of the fartsack to enjoy some good times in the rain.  With the temps hoovering just above 50 degrees and calm winds, YHC was optimistic the slight dizzle falling as we started the beatdown would hold out and be all that we would have to contend with…but that was not the case!


  • Mosey around the parking lot
  • SSH x 20 (Kodiak Count)
  • Windmills x 15 (IC)
  • Cotton Pickers x 12 (IC)
  • Sun Gods (Fwd & Rev)

The Thang

After the warm up YHC informed the PAX we would be using some coupons…although Bloodhound had wisely figured that out well in advance.  We partnered up, moseyed to the truck for each team to grab their coupon (i.e cinder block).

We took our coupons to the bus route behind the school (i.e where we do a lot of Route 66’s…but not today). The main event was B.O.M.B.S. with a modified coupon carry. Partner 1 performs the exercise while partner 2 carries the coupon and deposits it approx 75 yards away.  Partner 2 returns empty-handed and picks up the exercise count from Partner 1.  Partner 1 runs to the coupon and returns it back to partner 2.  Exercise counts were as follows:

  • Burpees x 50
  • Overhead claps x 100
  • Merkin x 150
  • BBSU’s x 200 (rain really coming down now creating a nice cold sheet of water)
  • Squats x 250

With about 6 minutes left YHC successfully (but just barely) got the PAX through a 4 corners consisting of:

  • Station 1 – 16 WWI situps – side to side to station 2
  • Station 2 – 16 squats w/ coupon – mosey to  station 3
  • Station 3 – No stationary exercise – Immediatelly start Inchworm to station 4
  • Station 4 – 16 Merkins – backwards run to station 1

After completing all 4 stations, head back to shovel flag.  YHC sends thanks to all  PAX who returned the coupons to the truck!

2 minutes left…what to do? YHC called arm-in-arm situps since we had an even number. PAX lined up facing each other (2 rows of 7), locked arms and did 10 situps Kodiak count.  Again, YHC sends thanks to Bloodhound and any other PAX who helped with the cadence count as YHC was officially spent!

COT / Moleskin

  • It was great to see Cavalier in the gloom this morning (T-Claps)…keep coming back!
  • Prayers for Cricket’s mother for her surgery and recovery
  • Prayers of healing for Babyface’s M
  • Prayers for Carlos who is facing a long recovery after experiencing  an aortic tear

So this was YHC’s 3rd at bat as the Q and  I cant say enough about Kodiak PAX…we strenghen each other! It was a fun one this morning and I am honored / humbled to have had by the opportunity to lead you guys today.



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