“Who’s on a Roll Now”

Who’s on a Roll Now

When: 02/01/2018

5 PAX: The Body, The Snake, Clyde, Whiz, Q= Olaf

Mosey to the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro for warmups. Did the usual SSH, followed by Copperhead Squats, and finished up with Sun Gods. Then we moseyed to the turf field for today beatdown. In honor of Clyde’s infamous “I must be Butter, Cuz I’m on a Roll” T-shirt from the glory days of NFHS. I rolled out a new routine. It went like this. Lay on the ground and end line, then roll for 25 yards and stop for 20 Merkins. Then roll another 25 yards and stop for 20 LBCs. Then roll another 25 yards and try not to spill merlot before holding a 20 second plank. Then attempt to roll the final 25 yards while stopping to burp every 2 rolls and finish with 20 squats.

In an effort stay “on a roll” we circled up for the fire drill and completed 2 rounds of stop drop and roll before moving on to a 4 corners routine with 5 burpee toll in the middle. Round 1: Corner 1 = 20 Merkin, Corner 2 = 20 Lunges, Corner 3 = 20 Mountain Climbers, Corner 4 = 20 LBCs. Rinse and repeat for Round 2: Corner 1 = 10 Mactar Enji’s, Corner 2 = 20 Monkey Humpers, Corner 3 = Peter Parkers, Corner 4 = Crunchy Frogs.

With a few minutes to spare we moseyed to the rock pile to retrieve 15 pounder. Circled up for a 15 squats with a coupon, 15 humpty humps with coupon and 15 overhead presses.

Mosey back toward the flag. But first we stopped at the pavilion for 10 count. Then we lined up for race back to the flag where the Body won the bragging rights.

Time was short for Mary, but we made time to kick off the Feburpee Challenge and completed our 2 burpees for 2/1/18.

Announcements for the week are: Beginning this Saturday at 7am, we will meet at the Bethleview entrance to the Greenway for a 5K run. Discussed potentially opening up a Saturday Beatdown at Central Park in March. Challenged Big Creek members to complete Feburpee Challenge.

Starbucks for some fellowship.


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