Musical Monkey

When: 01/31/2018

QIC: Grease Monkey

PAX (): Turbine, Bear, Squeegee, Rusty, Crab Legs, Sprocket, Polaroid, I-Beam, Goat, Rooney, Bird Dog, Hat Trick, AFLAC, Grease Monkey

Another sub-freezing Beatdown at the Wreck with 14 strong. At some point Spring will get here but certainly didn’t feel like it today. At 5:30 we moseyed toward the school and detoured into the baseball field for a little musical warmup. As usual, Monkey = Burpee so The Beastie Boys heled us through 25ish Burpees during Brass Monkey with SSHs in between. Quickly the cold was forgotten.

From there we moseyed to the lower football field taking a page from Double D’s book, incorporating a soundtrack for the Beatdown. Shoot to Thrill helped us along our way. There we got into a modified Bearway to Heaven: Bear crawl to the 5 yard line; crab walk back and do 10 Burpees. Repeat adding 5 yards each trip and descending number of Burpees until we got to 1. 50 yard line was the initial goal but time suggested we call an audible and call it at the 40. We had other things to get to.

Once the 6 got in, a quick 10 count then off to moseying to Seek and Destroy. We made our way up and around the pond with 4 stops along the way for sets of 20 Merkins. We settled in front of the flag for a round of Captain Thor: 1 Big Boy Sit Up and  4 American Hammers; 10 increasing rounds to 10 BBSU and 40 AH.

Master of Puppets took us moseying down THE hill and over to the wall where did 3 rounds of 15 wall jumps and 15 squats; House of Pain was a fitting soundtrack for this portion. Moseyed back to the flag with some AC/DC with 30 seconds to spare for some flutter kicks.


  • Crazy Love following the Beatdown
  • Sprocket and Thumper hosting 3rd F tomorrow at Crazy Love 6:30am. 4+ attendance results in a thumper VQ.
  • Thanks given for answered prayers

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