What the Fudd?

When: 01/30/2018

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Fudd, Foghorn, Crack

So it turns out that the Witch is getting younger. Since DoSi has decided the Sequoyah AO to be more convenient – and who can blame him, we haven’t seen any old people. Practically just millennials showing up. After last night’s offer for nothing but warm-ups and easy stretches in case anybody in their upper-30’s and beyond cared to post, a 24 YO posted and joined his fellow low-to-mid 30s counterparts.

And there you have it, millennials across the board. In case you haven’t heard, millennials don’t have time to bitch about the kids these days – they are the kids these days. And kids these days serve and encourage; they just don’t bitch and moan… unless their ears get cold. That elicits a little moaning!

A trip to D-deck, a trip to the stadium and its field, some breaking and entering (which Fudd was not a fan of,) some breaking and exiting (which he is still reviewing the details of prior to opinion establishment,) back to D-deck, and then home with 5 seconds to spare. 3 miles on the radar, possibly a little farther if vertical advancement was tallied.


  • Solid work from Fudd at post #2. Shorts, probably a t-shirt, and definitely no Falcons hat this time of year. Maybe he wore one this time last year and now he is superstitious. Being from GA, you would think that he would have given up on sports superstitions long ago. Kids these days!
  • IHS is getting closer to demo. Someone needs to convince them to leave that stadium. Its a glorious place to visit, especially under the moonlight.
  • Someone decided the Witch needed a flag. That someone is Foghorn. That someone named Foghorn is good at shovel flag making. He even wields the hot iron in his flag making skills. If you are in your low-to-mid 30s or below, you are invited to come see it sometime. It is glorious. If you are older than that, you will probably find something wrong with it, but the good news is that you can tell everyone at the Cracker Barrel about all of those bad things, so maybe you should come see it.
  • The boys of North Forsyth invite you to their new type of region growth. This one was not a long announced launch, but is instead a little more organic and just went out and got started. They are asking for guests to come Q. If you are old, it is far away, if you are Ha-Ha, you are the first one to sign up, if you are anyone else, sign up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1T8razWQuUWa9R9f6jqKHglHqQjwbWrOge9JLXGtS-og …

Like this, Alpha Point and we gone

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