Shouldering The Load

When: 01/30/2018

QIC: Zima

PAX (): Krueger, Devito, Spandex, Ha-Ha, Cookie, Scar, Bluesteel, FNG -Brat Zima

9 PAX braved the conditions Tue morning.  We started out with a Mosey over by tennis courts for warm up.
Warm Up
SSH, copperhead squats, imperial walker, cotton picker
The Thang
Partner exercise #1: balls to the wall and squats
Partner holds balls to the wall for 30 secs while other partner does squats. Flap jack for 3 rounds.
Next mosey to playground for Partner exercise #2: 2 rounds of pull- ups.
Round 1: Partner 1 does Pull-ups (rep count of 10 8 6 4 2) while Partner 2 does donkey kicks.  Flap jack when Partner 1 finishes each reps of Pull Ups.
Round 2: Rinse and Repeat except Partner 1 starts with rep count of 2 all the way up to 10.  Partner 2 does LBC’s until Partner 1 returns from their reps.
Finally a mosey to the rock pile was next to complete the final partner exercise #3 DORA 1-2-3 100 – Curls, 200- Leg Lifts with rock and 300 dead lifts.  Due to time constraints we got through about half of the 200 Leg lifts.
After returning our rocks to the rock pile, we finished up with a elbow plank.
COT – Welcome new FNG Lauris Jones who was coined “BRAT” as in Army – BRAT.  Came all the way from Brookhaven hoping to see DC2 there….which he did not. 🙂 Prayers for those suffering from loss of life from the flu and to those fighting serious illness such as Spandex’s neighbor. **SPECIAL** Donut “Hoppy-Like” run this Friday at DaVinci’s Donuts!

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