Nobody puts Baby in the corner

When: 01/30/2018

QIC: Reuben

PAX (): Beans, Body, Dash, Houser, Skynard, FNG Lego, Olaf, Reuben

8 PAX took to the gloom this morning including one FNG. When YHC pulled into the Firehouse parking lot, he was greeted with the presence of a few brothers from Big Creek….Olaf and The Body waiting patiently for a beatdown.  A combination of pain and comradery.  Who could ask for anything more?!

Mosey down the hill towards the middle of the park for warm-up:

SSH x 15 (IC)

Cotton pickers x 15 (IC)

Imperial Walkers x 15 (IC)

The Thang

Mosey back up hill with a quick stop in the trenches for some coupons.  Head over to the soccer field for some hardcore 4 corners x 3 rounds.

1st round:

C1-American Hammers x 20 w/ coupon-descending sprint  to next corner/C2-Merkins x 30 /C3-Lt. Dans x 20/C4- Peter Parkers x 30(each leg 1)-sprint to finish

2nd round:

C1-Big boy sit-ups x 25 w/coupon/sprint to mid field-pay toll w/ 10 Burpees/C2-Maktar N’jays x 20/C3-squats x 30/10 Burpees at midfield/C4-100’s x 25- sprint to finish.

3rd round: Repeat of round 1 adding  5 additional reps to each excercise with 10 Burpees at midfield.

After a quick 10 count- PAX grabbed their coupons for a round of Colt 45’s(15 top half/15 full/bear crawl 2 rocks to the right/ 15 skull crushers- redeposit coupons in the trench and back to the flag for Mary:

20 flutters(IC)

20 Seal sit-ups(IC)


Total of 8 PAX today. Welcome FNG Lego and shout out to Olaf and The Body for a little Big Creek representation!

Prayers for boldness and strength to run the race before us, and lead more men  into community and out of the fartsack.


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