Bear Crawl Roundabout

When: 01/29/2018

QIC: Squeegee

PAX (): Greasy Monkey, Sprocket, AFLAC, Crablegs, Thumper, Circus, Rooney, Switch, Hattrick, Goat, Bear, Red October, Racquet, Big Short, Rusty

Morning started off right with the warmer weather bringing out a few extra PAX.  We even had a visitor from Chapel Hill; Red October.  As 5:30 struck the  group of 16 mosey to the parking lot across from the tennis court.

Warm Up

Toy Solider 12x
Windmills (Abe Vigoda Style) 10x
Imperial Walker 10x 
SSH 15x
QIC knew we had a full plate ahead of us and kept the warm-up quick and to the point.  After the warm-up Mary the group mosey along the street to the very back parking lots and circled up in what is now known as the bear crawl roundabout.

The Thang

As the PAX circled the roundabout, they each bear crawled in clock wise rotation.  As the PAX hit an exit to one of the left or right parking lots, they would lunge walk to the chalk line and then sprint to the end.  Each PAX would complete the next exercise on the posted sheet then do 10 standing jumps back toward the center.  After the jumps they would sprint back to the circle and enter into the bear crawl roundabout.  As the PAX hit the next exit they would repeat the process on that side.

Left Parking Lot Exercises:
Jump Squats x50
Monkey Humpers x50
Calf Raises x100
Zebra Butt-Kicks (aka….the worst exercise I’ve ever done) x50
SSH x150

Right Parking Lot Exercises:
Merkins x50
Merkins x50
LBC x150
Merkins x50
Merkins x50

With a few minutes left, the group mosey back to the parking lot for two rounds of Mary.  One round of Rooney PT special back exercise and one round of flutter kicks to hit 6:15.


Welcome Red October from Chapel Hill, NC.   Great to have you work out with us this morning and hope you have you back.

Sprocket asked for us to keep some unspoken prayers in our thoughts.

– Squeegee –

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