A Balanced Diet

When: 01/30/2018


PAX (): Law Dog, Dosido, Manning, Pulte, Hightops, Drumstick, Hombre, Hasbro, Homeboy, Fleetwood, Satellite, Katniss, Chitwood, FNG Kiffin, FNG Bushwood, FNG Po-Po, FNG Papa John, FNG PETA, Goodhands, Hooch, Gerard, Legionnaire, Thrasher, Wham-O, Wiggum, Spaceballs, Smurfette, Cuban, FNG The Vault, Ricky Bobby, TitleMax, Cricket



HappyJacks 20 (naturally)

Cotton Pickers 12

Imperial Walker 10

Copperhead Squat 12


The Thang 

  • Kilimanjaro special – making use of the phenomenal terrain at this AO, and considering the cold morning, the idea was to get warm and get the blood flowing with some leg and core exercises, up and down the mountainous slope in front of the school.  Partner up, at the base, switch lunges (40), run to the top, BBSU (10), back down and onward until we inverted the count (10 switch lunges, 40 BBSU).  One hundred count total for each.  Plank and LBCs while we await the Six.  Legs burning, core tightened.
  • Introducing Mr. Jack Webb (1:4 ratio Mercan : Air press up to 10:40).  The air never felt so friendly.
  • Route 66 across the parking lot and up the hill to the right, at each light pole a sequential count of burpees, and back.  13 stops, thanks to the extra post by Dosido by the unlit lamp, 94 total burpees.  Math hurts, more than this Q anticipated.  Rumor was there was some Merlot simmering in some quality FNG stemware, though no spillage.  Dosido summarily destroyed Route 66 and the rest of the PAX by leagues, it is worth noting.

Back to the flag for some quick 3-minute Mary, 20 LBCs, 25 BBSU.  In sum, a healthy, balanced diet of legs, core, arms, and cardio.


Welcome Kiffin, Bushwood, Po-Po, Papa John, PETA, and The Vault.  Easily the quickest naming exercise YHC’s been a part of, until we hit The Vault – he who wouldn’t give anything up.


Prayers of thanks for family and fertility health; thoughts and prayers for Goodhands’ acquaintance Kim, who recently passed away.


2.0 workout this Saturday at the Hurtlocker.

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