The No-Clue Q

When: 01/29/2018

QIC: Westside

PAX (): Cricket, Homeboy, Hombre, Bloodhound, Babyface, Misty, Wham-O, Manning, The Mole, Dory, Chitwood, Thumper, Harp, Legionnaire, Yogi, Woody, Pulte

18 PAX appeared in the gloom this windy Monday morning. The festivities began with a slow mosey to the back of the school and the PAX circled up in the parking lot by the bus lanes.


SSH x15
Windmills x10
Hillbillies x10

THE THANG: The No-Clue Q

Remaining in a circle YHC announced that each one of the PAX that showed up had been assigned an exercise. The twist, no-one knew who had what and the beatdown was entirely dependent on who posted this morning. Misty started things off choosing Chitwood and the fun began. The complete list of exercises by PAX is as follows:


Cricket – Jiminy Cricket (x5)

Homeboy – Low Country Crab (x15)

Hombre – Superman (x20)

Bloodhound – Flutter Kicks (~60)

Babyface – Partner Rows (x10) (3 sets each)

Misty – Burpees (x15)

Wham-O – Take a lap

Manning – Bobby Hurley (x15)

The Mole – Monkey Humpers (x40)

Dory – Take a lap

Chitwood – Take a lap

Thumper – Star Jumps (x15)

Harp – Bear Crawl (across the parking lot)

Legionnaire – Iron Cross (x15)

Yogi – Take a lap

Woody – Mike Tyson (x15)

Pulte – Hee Haw (x10)

Extras: (Paying homage to those whose weren’t present)

C4 – Happy Jacks (x5 sets)

Banjo – Duck Walk (across the parking lot)

Hasbro – LBCs (x50)

Spaceballs – Star-Gazer Squates (x15)


With 4 minutes to spare we Moseyed back to the flag for a quick round of Mary to finish off the morning.

Prayer request for the quick recovery of Bloodhound’s mother-in-law after her recent accident, Homeboy’s 2 friends (the one dealing with addiction and the other going through marriage trouble), and Dory’s family who is also dealing with the struggles of a new marriage.

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