Dash at the Fire Swamp

When: 01/29/2018

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Dash, Ha-ha

YHC woke to temps 8 degrees warmer than forecast with rain on the windshield on the way to the Fire Swamp this morning but with a Twitter from Dash I knew I would not be alone.

The rain stopped before we met Dash and I left for the southern leg of the Greenway expecting that the northern leg would be underwater after the over night rain.  We kept an easy conversational pace and went under GA 400 before turning at 0600 and heading back. 5.2 miles total we and arrived back just before 0630.

We worked on the world’s problems this morning.  I don’t know if we solved any of them but with mutual encouragement we were ready to take on our corner of the world.

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