The Singularity

When: 01/27/2018

QIC: Légionnaire

PAX (): C4, Hombre, Misty, Babyface, Dory, Légionnaire, Whammo, West Side, Yoggy, Playdough, Harp, Hasbro, Floppy, Spaceballs, Homeboy, Manning, Cricket, Mog (FNG)

Definition: A point at which a function takes an infinite value, especially in space-time when matter is infinitely dense, as at the center of a black hole.

After getting an early start with the Rucking few and the proud  (Whammo, Misty, Westside, and Yoggy) with whom we closed 3 lapses around Veterans Park, YHC was back at the flag with 1 minute to spare before the regular beatdown.

After clamoring for participation from the rank and file, the Q obliged the PAX and invited the most vocal of them all to post front and center and lead the warm-up. We received contributions from Homeboy, Babyface, C4 and as a highlight: Manning’s Heap-Rotations. In Cadence! no less… (That was a first for YHC)

THE THING: The Spinning Blackhole

Circle up in the middle of the Football field, on your six with feet pointing outward and heads in the center in a star formation.

Q starts at 12 O’clock position facing goals. Everyone was asked to remember their left and right PAX.

Execute 1st MARY in the center: ABC’s

The intensity of the MARY flung the PAX to the edge of the field: Sprint to the edge of the field straight out in the direction of your feet.

On the edge of the field (Event Horizon) Execute Routine: 10 Merkins

With that energy expanded the collective gravitational forces of the PAX overcame the individual inertias and they all sprinted back to the center for another set of MARY…

These stellar expansions and contractions were rinsed and repeated 13 times with increasing counts… on a background of AC/DC, AWOLNATION, Avicii, Twisted Sisters Elle King and Guns n’ Roses.

Mary 1 ABC’s 1 Routines 10 Burpees
20 Freddy mercury 2 20 Merkins
30 Box Cutter 3 30 Shoulder Taps
40 American Hammer 4 40 Mountain Climbers
50 big boy sit up 5 50 Lunges
60 Dolly 6 60 Shoulder Press
70 LBC’s 7 70 Summo Squats
60 LBFCs 8 60 Monkey humpers
50 Rosalita 9 50 Imperial Walkers
40 J-Lo’s 10 40 Reverse Lunges
30 Flutter kicks 11 30 Hand release Merkin
20 Reverse Crunch 12 20 Happy Jacks
10 Kodiak Cross 13 10 Diamond Merkins

With 10 minute to spare we set out to for an Indian run which would have been better discribed as a Hord of Barbarians Dash, thanks to the unmatched leadership skills of YHC.

Charly Oscar Tango

Whammo shared with us the chiropractic virtues of F3 after posting 6 times a week.

There is now a copy of “Free to Lead” going around, currently in Yoggy’s hand, when done sign it and pass it to another deserving PAX.

Prayer request for the daughter of Babyface’s college friend whom at age 7 is awaiting a diagnostic for her condition.

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