The Death Star

When: 01/25/2018

QIC: Spaceballs

PAX (): C4, Hombre, Whiskey, Ricky Bobby, Cha Cha, Good Hands, Chit Wood, Dory, Legionnaire, Big Ben, Drumstick, Fleetwood, West Side, Shirley, Wiggum, Hasbro, Satellite, Thrasher, Homeboy, Law Dog, Manning, FNG (Katniss), Cricket

Mosey to the first light pole: Side straddle hops & Merkins

Mosey to the second light pole: Windmill & Squats

Mosey back towards the flag: Freddy Mercurys & Imperial Walkers

Mosey to the track: Indian Run-2 lines



The Thang: The Death Star
Big pink six sided die.  Each pax rolled. Each number represented a unique exercise.

  1.  Bullseyed Womprat (happy jax)
  2. Jedi Training (partner carry)
  3. Wookie Humpers (monkey jumpers)
  4. Action Figures (merkins)
  5. The Kessel Run (suicides)
  6. Revenge of the Six
    – dying cockroach
    – big boy sit-ups
    – flutter kicks

    Kessel Run came up 3x’s, as well as Wookie Humpers.  Everything else was well represented and we ended on Jedi Training.  Manning threw the ‘Death Star’ and caused everyone 12 burpees.

Mosey back to the flag.  Mary:  LBCs and Iron Crosses



COT:  Prayers for various members and thanks for ability to come out with such a great group.


FNG:  Katniss



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