Surprise 5k at the Rubicon

When: 01/25/2018

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): MillerTime, Saban, Devito, Special K, Zima, Cookie, Mufasa, Moonshine, Scar, Foghorn, Nacho Libre, HaHa, Kruger, Northwest

YHC was pumped to take back the lead at the Rubicon, its been.. a long time. But YHC did not intend on a 3 miler, it just kinda happened that way, and they don’t call it ‘Qdrenaline’ for nothing. When you have the lead, you just tend to push it just a little harder. Must have something to do with the infamous tWxtW, or the excitement of being back in the saddle at the lovely Rubicon. Either way, it didn’t FEEL like 3 miles with all the exercises and planking thrown in, so YHC was a little surprised at the distance.

We took it vintage Rube with a quick warmup between the Western baseball fields, then some Dips and Incline Merkins on the short wall, with a mosey to the track behind the Northern baseball field. This is where the real magic happens.

Suicides from pole to pole, 10 reps, 5 reps, then 1 merkin of a variety of exercises: Merkins, Squat Jumps, Moktars. Plank for the six after each and perform Hand Release Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Arm Circles, etc.

Move to the track for an Indian Run, with Air Presses back to the flag holding the line. That’s a burn!

Devito took Co-Q for the day with some Mary.. thank you sir.

Prayers for this life, and death. Grateful for clarity in mind and action. Be an example.

A lively group, full of support, love, and accountability. YHC really missed this group, and is striving to be more consistent.

No Fat Pants among this group of guys, Nacho.

MillerTime reminding everyone to get on the Q sheet. You’re never really ready to lead a workout until you just do it.

SYITG, Foghorn

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