Writer’s Block

When: 01/23/2018

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Swiper, The Body, Clyde, Whiz, Snake, Olaf

It appears that YHC has had a case of writer’s block lately as I have been slack on the Back Blasts, but my New Year’s resolution is underway with this initial 2018 summary of a fine morning at the Creek!

First of all, fresh off of a 10K with Ha-Ha and Law Dog on Monday, YHC woke up with some aching knees, so an audible was necessary for the planned BD.  Here’s how she went:

Mosey down the trail to the lower parking lot for warm up’s:




Then to the Field of Dreams II (by way of the coupon pile) for some Vegas Style BlackJacks:

Curls with your Rock for 20, bear crawl to the midline, 1 Squat, Backpedal back

Rinse and repeat with a -1/+1 on each exercise until we hit the reverse of 1 curl and 20 Squats.

As usual with Bear or Racoon crawling exercises, The Body led the way.  Body is so good at bear crawling, I think his wife must have to tie some of their groceries up in a tree from time to time!

Afterwards, circle up for a Burpee +4 wave, which equates to a burpee with 4 merkins and 4 mountain climbers in the middle.  3 times around the circle!

Slow Mosey back to the Roman Gates for some seal sit up’s and then back to the flag for some Mary:



Side Plank Dips Left

Side Plank Dips Right


-Prayers for marriages

-Prayers for growth of AO- reigniting of some PAX who have fallen off

-Prayers for direction in new Saturday am workout location

-Prayers for Dash and crew from up North on new AO launch

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