A Q with a little baggage?

When: 01/25/2018

QIC: Reuben

PAX (): Beans, Dash, Houser, Skynard, Reuben

YHC couldn’t sleep last night.  The anticipation of a new beatdown at a new AO was looming, and how can you sleep when new routines and new exercises are dancing in your head.  It’s impossible! With a new opportunity and a brand new community of men on the horizon at “The Firehouse,” YHC walked boldly onto the field of battle. Let’s mosey!

With a 25lb sinder block “Coupon” brought from YHC’s headquarters, we moseyed around the parking lot to the other adjacent lot passing around the coupon to each of the PAX. We reached our 1st stop for warm-up:

SSH * 15 (IC)

Windmill * 15 (IC)

Sun gods forward/ back * 15 each (IC)

The Thang

PAX did Indian Run, passing coupon along the way, to the round about at the front of the park entrance.  The spot has now been named Stone Hinge FYI.

Circle of fun-  1st round- PAX did bear crawl one full circle- hold plank 20 sec.  2 x total

2nd round- Lunges one full circle- 5 sets of 20 reps squat presses. PAX would do one set with coupon each.  Reverse direction in circle for second round with American Hammers * 20 reps, sharing coupon among PAX. 2 * total.  200 reps. Get some!!!!

With some time left, quick Indian Run with the coupon as our baton, to the grassy knoll by the soccer field for 11’s. YHC quickly realized that this was more a “mountain of terror” than a simple hill.  Get ready for the pain! Start at bottom with 10 Burpees with 1 star Jump at the top-ending with 1 Burpee at bottom and 10 star jumps at top.

Final Indian run w/ coupon back to base for Mary.

Flutter * 15 (IC)

Freddy Mercury * 20(audible reversal by our brother Dash caught us all off guard.  Well done sir!!!


5 total PAX have made this inaugural week for the Fitehouse a great success! We are excited for what is to come and the community of men we will reach!!

Prayers for the exciting adventure ahead and the men who will make the next step to meet us there!




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