Zed’s dead, baby.. Zed’s dead.

When: 01/23/2018

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): LawDog, Crack, Foghorn


Remember that scene in Pulp Fiction in which Bruce Willis’ character was getting ready for some serious revenge on Zed, after Ving Rhames’ character and Bruce were captured by Zed and his people after their street brawl ended in Zed’s buddy’s shop? After Ving Rhames is pulled into the back by Zed for some ‘fun’, Bruce puts ‘the gimp’ to sleep with a knock out punch, then goes into the shop in search of a weapon. Bruce grabs the hammer, then opts for a baseball bat, then the chain saw, but finally pulling the katana sword off the wall.. all to the sounds of Ving Rhames’ character getting… ehhh.. we’ll just say a pretty severe punishment we won’t discuss further.

YHC’s evening was nothing like that scene, thank goodness, other than a reverse process of selecting the appropriate coupon for the next morning’s tWxtW.. 45 pound weight.. 30 pound cinderblock.. settling on two 10 pound barbells duct taped together to make 20 pounds that YHC had previously used in a ruck sack at one point. But why walk with 20 pounds when you can run with it?

3 PAX took a quick mosey to the Honda Performance building on Westside, the one with the picturesque lake surrounded by lush green grass fields. The PAX would pass along the 20 pound coupon throughout the run, stopping briefly for 5 merkins/bear crawl to the top/5 squats, 10, then 15, then 20.

Once at the Honda building..

PAX with the coupon: 10 curls IC
PAX with no coupon: 10 merkins IC
Rotate until all three PAX have a chance at the coupon.

10 skull crushers, 10 squats

10 presses, 10 squat jumps

10 ginuwines, 10 mokhtar

15 flutters, 15 big boy setups, 15 LBCs

Lieutenant Dan to the lake and back.

Mosey back to the flag, passing the coupon as needed.

2.9 miles in all at a 9 minute pace.. not bad considering the load carried and leg exercises performed along the way.

Prayers for health, a few tough decisions, busy work seasons.

LawDog quickly taking over the Cal Ripken Jr aware for consistency. YHC hoping to find his own consistency at some point.

Crack in need of some motivation to get out to the gloom throughout the week, so be sure to call/text/email this guy.

YHC with the Q at the Rubicon on Thursday.. excited to be back in the saddle at the Rube, its been awhile.


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