Mumble Chatter at The Hooch & 3rd F

When: 01/24/2018

QIC: El Matador

PAX (): Sunshine, Boomer, Jimbo, Flo, The Dab, Piggy, Saint 2.0, Pony Boy, Ralphie, Scrooge, BRD

The PAX were inspired by Boomer’s recent post to be sure we had the 4 main roles of an F3 workout.  After some voluntary sweepers and a bit of mumblechatter, YHC got us going to get warm.  The chatter experts (Flo & Sunshine) arrived just in time for warmups in cadence:

Imperial Walkers X10

Merkins X10


We did some lunges and then Burpee Dan’s along the way.  Contrary to opinion, this wasn’t quite as improv as it seemed.  YHC found a good place in the parking lot for Obstacle Course training.  The PAX made laps around the parking lot between exercises, with SSH’s for the 6:

25 of each: Merkins, Squats, PlankJacks, Burpees, BBS’s, Makhtar N’dieyes, Merkins, Squats, PlankJacks.  Burpees were next – a good time to mosey back!

Lieutenant Dan’s on the way back, finishing with 5 minutes of Mary: LBC’s, American Hammers, Planks, PlankJacks, and whatever you call that last thing.

Prayers for Piggy’s job, wisdom and guidance from God.  PonyBoy reminded us of the need to live as Christ did and love our wives in that way.  7 stayed for 3rd F and we discussed the paradox of pride and humility.  May we all understand what Napoleon did, that the greatest “Man” in the world showed true humility and strength!

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