Elevens Revenge

When: 01/24/2018

QIC: SmackDown

PAX (): Crab Legs, Bear, Polaroid, Rusty, Goat, Sprocket, Aflac, Turbine, Rooney, Thumper, Squeegee

Big thanks to DD for reminding me of today’s vacant Q spot on Monday. Goat served up and a$$ whopping during his VQ on Monday and I was really looking forward to repaying him. 11 gents showed this morning, so we got rolling at 5:30 with a mosey to the parking lots adjacent to the rec center.

Warm Up
SSH 20x
Toy Solider 15x
Windmills (Abe Vigoda Style) 15x
Annie 4x :30 sec. – Hold plank with left hand while rotating right arm in circular motion. Flap jack. Much more fun holding plank with left hand and right leg while elevating left leg and circling right hand then vice versa. No one broke out in song… I suppose it’s not a hard knock life for us.
LBC 20x
Oblique 15x right/left

The Thang
Bear Crawl Ring of Fire – kind of… PAX bear crawls in circle until Q says stop. Upon stopping PAX performs 10 Merkins into 10 Ethan Hunts (famous Mission Impossible scene with belly on ground). Back to bear crawls, then 9 Merkins and 9 Ethan Hunts when Q says stop. Rinse and repeat down to zero. Up quick for a mosey to the retaining wall behind Field 3.

Three Sets:
Box Jumps 10x
Step Ups 10x per leg
Dips 10x
J-Lo’s for the six, then mosey to playground.

Three sets:
Pull Ups 5x
Incline Merkin 10x
Decline Merkin 10x
Flutter Kicks for the six, then mosey to BA hill.

Elevens – 1 Donkey kick at the bottom of hill, run to the top for 10 Split Jacks (2 count). Rinse and repeat to 10 Donkey kicks at bottom and 1 Split Jack at top.

SLOW mosey to flag for merry-go-round. Thumber called 25 LBC’s and Rooney got in 30 Freddie Mercury’s before time expired.
Repayment = Complete

Rusty is set to lead The Wreck’s final VQ of the month on Friday. That will be the fourth, excellent job guys! I hope it’s an easy one, I’m sore.

Rooney, I did the math and you need to make 154.4 of 156 beat downs to keep 99% attendance.

Three for coffee at Crazy Love.

– SmackDown out

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