With all Due Respect!

When: 01/20/2018

QIC: Leon

PAX (): BiBo, Mahi-Mahi (now Stripper), Bean, Fireballs, Scout, Madoff, Leon

7 F3 Shadow warriors, knowing the warmer weather was on its way, but not here just yet, still braved a still chilly and icy SAT am.   That said, here ’tis–

The Thang:  After the requisite Q “am not a trained…” announcement we took to it as follows:

  • Mosey out back of Austin to Electric Car lot a the Nature Center
  • Circle up for the following:
  • SSH/Burpees (5 SSH IC then 2 Burpees oyo up to 15) Bibo rightly finished with 2 Burpees-well played sir!), Windmills IC x 15, Imperial walkers IC x 15, Staggered Hands Merkins IC x12 (switch hands at 6), Plank Jacks IC x 15

Rinse and Repeat

  • Line up a base of hill for a variation of She Hate Me: 10 Lunges, 10 Stone Mountains, 10 Spiderman Crawls, repeat circuit until you reach the gate at the top of the hill.
  • Q was going to keep this in the lot and following it with a Mosey down to trail head and follow it all the way back up to the top of the hill, but it was too dark and too icy-wanted to keep my Pax safe!
  • Circle up for Mary, etc. by the side of the Big Tree:
    • LBC’s IC x 20, roll to your right into Mountain Climbers IC x 15, roll to your left into Low Flutters IC x 20 roll to your left into Plank Jacks IC x 15 roll right into Box Cutters IC x 20 roll right into Stone Mountains IC x 15 roll left into Heels to Heaven IC x 20 roll right into 1 set of Grateful Dead.
  • Announcement: We have a new nickname for Mahi-Mahi — “Stripper.”  The man overdressed, got too hot, then stripped off his layers more than he wanted to and had to run with a handful of clothes in his hands.  We figured it was an appropriate new nickname for our resident minister! Wasn’t as sexy as the Cheetah ladies, though! #metoo! =:0
  • Cherokee Run Back to Austin (back sidewalk entrance finish a picnic tables)
  • 11’s Set up and Dips
  • Quick mosey to front wall for 2 sets of 60 Sec Wall Squats followed by 45 Sec B’s to W’s  (Paxs Counts off)
  • Split Pax up in to 3 groups for Stations (5 rotations):
    • Station 1: Plank position side crawl up stairs, forward three crawls then side crawl back down stairs, backwards crawl to start-3 x
    • Station 2:  Mosey to front bike rack for side shuffles- 5 rotations.
    • Station 3: 20 single count LBC’s

–Good team synchronicity-Scout and Madoff

  • Finish at front entrance with 5 Burpees oyo and a 10 sec chair squat (didn’t want to cheat the Pax with the time we had remaining)
  • COT:  Continued prayers and well wishes for our F3 Shadow brothers: Seles, Sleeper, and Montross.
  • Bean took us out.

Coffeeteria: Skiing/Bellchick and Brady were the topics of choice as-Fireballs is on his way to a boondoggle, plain in simple, in Beaver Creek, CO for the next few days!  Wear your helmet and actually show up to the 7am-9am meetings and limit the gummy bears to three/day-slacker!  And we all agreed Belichick and Brady are the debbil!

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