Planet Hoth

When: 01/17/2018


PAX (): Goat, I-Beam, Rooney, Bear, Squeegee, AFLAC

With an injured Chelsea facing a mid-week Q and a good chance of snow in the forecast, YHC was more than happy to pinch-hit in hopes that he might have a chance to lead the PAX through a nice winter beat-down.  Little did he know that game-time temps would be hovering around 14 degrees with a North wind that made it feel more like Planet Hoth than The Wreck.

Upon arriving, YHC noticed a wide-open parking lot which presented a perfect opportunity to dust off some old school Vermont driving skills.  After waiting for Goat to clear the runway, YHC flipped a sweet 270 right into a parking spot just in time to see I-Beam, Bear, and Rooney rolling into the Wreck.   Rooney was doing his best Luke-Skywalker-on-Planet-Hoth impression complete with winter boots and ski goggles.  Thankfully, crazy does have company.

Warm Up

Mosey off into the woods past the tennis courts and up the hill to the pond where we ran into Sqeegee heading the opposite way (and Rooney short-cutting it with his pack-boots).  With no signs of Sprocket doing the same (must be that thin Texas blood), continue mosey around the pond and circle up by the recreation building for the following:

  • 10 Burpees (waiting on Goat)
  • 20 One-legged Romanian Deadlifts
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 10 Inverted Snow Angles (mid-back work)
  • 20 Mountain Climbers

The Thang

Continue mosey down the hill to the playground for 3 rounds of the following:

  • 10 Pull-Ups
  • Run up stairs to road, then 10 Burpees
  • Run along road to path down to playground, then 20 Merkins
  • Run back to playground and repeat

LBC’s for the six, then 3 rounds of the following on the picnic tables:

  • 20 Step-Ups (10 each leg)
  • 15 Decline Diamond Merkins
  • 20 Incline Merkins

LBC’s for the six.  With a good 25 minutes of solid work done, it was time for a little fun in the snow.  Mosey back up the hill and partner up for the following:

  • Two-handed Wheelbarrow Skiing – Partner A “wheelbarrows” Partner B while Partner B places hands on plastic plates and “skis” 40-50 yards.
  • One-handed Wheelbarrow Skiing – Same as above, but both hands on a single plate (diamond-style).

This all seemed academic to YHC, but after making the turn it was pretty obvious that some of the Georgia & Louisiana boys didn’t have the form.  Excuses ranged from slippery gloves to sticking plates, but that didn’t square with the fact that the Texas boy (Rooney) sorted things out just fine.

Not about to give up, YHC directed the PAX to the recreation center entrance road for some more basic sledding, with a Bear Crawl-Ski from the base to the top of the hill.   Mosey back down toward the flag, with a quick stop for a 10 count round of sliding Merkins (hands close, hands wide, repeat).  With a minute left and realizing the PAX hadn’t spent any time on their six, YHC decided he was producing enough BTU’s to melt any snow/ice under him and he’d rather stay dry at this stage of the game.  Thus, a final round of Merkins until time was called.


  • VQ for Goat coming up next week.
  • It’s not often that we’re blessed with days like these, so take every opportunity to engage them.  Life is too short.

AFLAC out.

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