TWxTW it is!

When: 01/16/2018


PAX (): Crack and LawDog

The last couple of weeks, YHC has been impressed with the men of F3 Alpha (North Atlanta Region).  In the Past 2 years, the region has expanded from just 1 AO to something like 11 AOs and I may being missing 1 or 2.  With growth comes opportunity and problems. The number one problem, the MagicH8Ball: “Where to post?” So, 4:55am with enough time to go to any AO, YHC shook the ball and The Witch and the Wardrobe it was…Some times the great F3 MagicH8ball knows what it is doing because 5:30 sharp, Crack and YHC were ready to go. Foghorn was a fartsackin and no man should go it alone (unless your the war daddy HaHa and goin it alone is what you do).  No Foghorn, no preplanned Q, so Crack made some chitter-chatter about YHC needing time to plan a beatdown, therefore he could just repeat one from a couple weeks back. Bait, hook, line and sinker swallowed.

The Thang:

Mosey to Avalon’s parking garage, wait there’s more than one, the one just past the movie theater with some stops for 5 Burpees at the top and bottom of the hills along the way.  At the parking garage a 4 corner Robert Plant Escalator, with 10 merkins, 20 AHs, 30 shoulder taps, 40 squats at the top of the deck. Ok use the 1st Robert Plant twice because there are only 3 corners with stairs. Since there’s more than one deck and more than enough time “Where’s the next deck Crack?” Turns, out its right next door. On the way up, lunge walk the sides run the length. Wait there are a lot more levels to this one than first meets the eye, switch to merkins. Run back down, help a damsel in distress who was stuck in the in the deck because that’s what F3Alpha’s do, and mosey back to the Flag (or where Foghorn would have planted the flag had he not fartsacked) stopping for 3 Burpees at the top and bottom of the hills. All told, somewhere between 3-4 miles.

Name O Rama


Prayers for Crack’s Uncle and a Friend of ours from Church. God knows how to provide.

Naked Man Moleskins

YHC discovered Crack’s little secret, its gloves he shoves down there giving those tights such a bulging look.

F3 is exploding everywhere.  Find the Sadclowns and encourage them to post. There are too many options to everyday of the week for them to have that many excuses.  Tell them the glove trick if they are ashamed to post with the Alpha’s of North Atlanta on these gloomy winter mornings.

Speaking of the winter weather, hopefully we get some heavenly dandruff to have more tunnel of love and bridge of hate at the Kodiak tomorrow.

Also, YHC will not leave HaHa hangin at the Fireswamp. You got one Pax coming with you next Monday. Who’s coming with me!


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