On the fly

When: 01/15/2018

QIC: I-Beam

PAX (): Aflac, Sprocket, Bear, Polaroid, Bird Dog, Rooney, Doogie, Goat, Racket, Squeegee

YHC didn’t have a plan for this morning, but those seem to be some of the most exhausting with a lot of movement.

0530 and we moseyed


Mosey on the trail around the pond to the parking lot North of the pool.

  • SSH – 25 IC
  • Mountain Climbers – 25 IC
  • Squats – 20 IC

The start of the Thangs…

Parking lot bear-crawl 7s

  • 1 derkin off the curb, bear crawl across parking lot
  • 6 merkins, backwards bear crawl back to curb — You get the picture

LBCs and Flutters for the six and we moseyed again…

Furthest gridiron for Lt. Dan’s

  • 1:4 Squats to Lunges

We made it within 5 yards of 100, aboutface, (I’m sure at this point the pax thought we would return the same way) YHC needed to feel his legs again so we sprinted back to the goal line.

Short wait (3 seconds) for the six and we moseyed again….

Pavilion Park for a quick complex

  • 15,10,5 step-ups
  • 15,10,5 dips
  • 15,10,5 derkins

YHC hit the lights and we moseyed again….

The hill that makes all other hills knolls 

  • 5 quick sprints up the hill (should have done more, it was getting good)

Short wait for the six (maybe a 10 count here) and we moseyed again…..


  • Round robin for the remaining 5 mins –


  • Unspoken prayers for Sprocket
  • Thumper was nominated to take Chelsea’s Q spot on Wednesday which means Sprocket has the Q….   Someone will pick it up
  • On that topic, take a look at the Q sheet and grab a spot, don’t let the standard Qs burn out.  F3 will fail without rotating leadership.  Step out of your comfort zone and lead a group of strong men that will support you in your efforts.

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