Dilly Dilly!

When: 01/16/2018

QIC: Manning

PAX (): Spaceballs, Hooch, Smurfette, High Tops, Cuban, Cricket, Pulte, Chitwood, The Mole, Legionnaire, Ricky Bobby, Dosido, Title Max, Hombre, Hasbro, Whiskey, Mickey

YHC was getting a bit nervous sitting solo in the gloom waiting on the headlights to start to turn. Right on cue, Legionnaire sounded the alarm with a friendly reminder to exit the fart sack and to report to the flag. At approximately 5:29:30 a “rando” guy appears out of nowhere and starts peppering us with questions about the workout. Sorry dude, no time to chat, but see you next time. FNG in the making – Rando to be his name…

Ok, enough with the chit-chat – let’s get on with it…keeping it short and sweet…refer to the pic for more deets…

The Thang

Mosey to the end of the parking lot for some:

Sun Gods, Makhtar N’Daiyes (not plerkins), and some Happy Jacks (shout out to C4!)

Onto Bear Mt. for some:

Reverse run up, jog back down, and bear crawl back up. Welcome, Mickey – yes we noticed your tardiness! Commence mumble chatter!

Now for the main event!! Could you sense my excitement??

Welcome to “The Pit of Misery!” Let’s run down together to spot 18 for 5 Merkins, 17 for 10 squats, and 16 for 15 SSH – IN CADENCE!!  Back to space 1 after each, rinse & repeat until done with all.  Bonus lap for Spaceballs & Cricket for cadence and counting malfunctions.

Quick :08-minute abs-blast to get all jacked and pumped for beach season, and then up heartbreak hill to complete the lung destruction. Shout out to Dosido for keeping the love alive with some box cutters until the six came in.

Now that we’re finally starting to get warmed up, let’s get to know each other a little bit better…closer…together.  Partner up with someone your approximate size and build.  Apparently, I’m 6’4”215lbs.  High Tops and I are now closer than we’ve ever been. Cowboy up and carry your bro, to and fro stopping only for some bropees. Switch ‘er up and share the love.

Time’s a wastin, so let’s mosey back to the flag for a brief Mary and name-o-rama.


Mickey’s dad – Prayers for good news from what appears to be a mild heart attack. History of quadruple bypass a few years back, but all has been well since then.

Cricket’s mom – Prayers for patience and peace for her and for Cricket and his family. She has several oral-related issues and it is becoming very stressful and depressing for her.

Pulte’s neice? with pneumonia – Prayers for a quick and full recovery for this little girl.

The Mole – Prayers for patience and understanding in a very stressful work environment. For him to slow down and to enjoy the good things in his life. To rest and recover (wrist) and to know that God has his back. And for his boss to take a chill pill.

Prayers for all of us dealing with aging parents, for the spoken and unspoken burdens that we carry with us. For us MEN to continue to push and encourage each other and to sharpen and strengthen us.

SYITG Thursday for another surprise…or 10


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