The Wind Beneath my Wings

When: 01/13/2018

QIC: Leon

PAX (): Madoff, Bean, Manhole, Scout, BiBo, Fizz, Mahi-Mahi

8 Dedicated souls took to the streets of Dunwoody, namely Austin Elementary, on a blustery cold Morning. Temps in the Upper 20’s, but the wind chill brought the “feels like” temp down to the mid-teens, yikes!.  The key for YHC/Q was to get off to a fast start and keep the pace sustained so as to get and keep everyone warm and loose through our “hour of power.”  With that, here we go!

The Thang:

SSH, Mary Catherine’s, Windmill, Mountain Climbers, Stone Mountains all IC x 15 reps, then right into 5 Burpees, 10 Run Stand Switch (single Count), 15 Merkins (single count), and 20 Toyota’s, Rinse and Repeat with SSH’s back through to Toyota’s.

Mosey to back sidewalk entrance of Austin, reassemble Pax and line up for a Cherokee Run to the entrance of Nature Center.  Assemble by the Big Tree.

Circle up for 30 secs Chulcutt Planks (Plank position resting on Forearms) then right into 15 secs of Downward Dawg.  Pax counted off 30 and 15 sec reps for each for 5 consecutive rounds.

Circle up around tree curb for Rocky Balboa’s IC x 20 and right into Mary:  LBC, Low Flutter, Heals to Heaven and ABC’s IC x 20, except for the ABCs, we/I petered out at 15 reps.

Mosey down the hill to to Stumps.  Stump carry up the hill to just outside of the “House of Pain.”  Deposit stumps then head inside for 11’s-Step ups & Dips, oyo.  When Pax finished, together we grabbed our stumps and carried them back to their rightful home.

Mosey to lower lot (by the Nature Center bathrooms) for an abbreviated Crowd Pleaser:  50-100-150.

10 Plank Jacks at the lower lot, 20 Box Cutters by Base of Hill, then 30 Squats by Gravel road.  Rinse and Repeat 5x.

When Pax all finished we assembled at gravel road, lined up and Cherokee Run’d up, out and back to Austin through the front entrance.  Good work by all!

We finished at the front entrance of Austin with a 60 Sec Wall Squat and 2 Burpees oyo.

COT.  Quick Prayers and well wishes for our fallen F3 Brothers:  Sleeper (wrist and ribs), Seles, (calf), Montross (sports hernia), Fireballs, (common cold).  Get well soon and Miss you guys!

Manhole eloquently and passionately took us out!

Need a Q for Tomorrow 1/16/18 at DHC. Don’t be shy!

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