Making Monday Bear-able

When: 01/15/2018

QIC: Saint2o

PAX (): Saint2o, Sneakers, Boomer, Flo, Nacho Libre, Jimbo (FNG), BRD, Piggy, Sunshine, Simba

Great group of HIMs this morning, with an FNG! We were ready to face the week, grin and Bear it.

Run around the parking lot then circle for 15 each IC:
Side Straddle Hop
Imperial Walkers
Mountain Climbers

Some people didn’t have gloves, but there were extras in cars, and they were distributed, as they would be helpful in the nearly unbearable cold. Not to mention the upcoming bear crawls.

The Thang:
Mosey toward the Chapel, stopping for some Bear Crawl Inch Worm along the way. At the Chapel hill (see what I did there?), partner up for some Hill Bears, 3 Sets for each below – Bear Crawl up and Crawl Bear down with:
Chilcutt (elbow plank)
Back Plank
There was a lot of mumblechatter during this, something to do with the hill being a variable height and distance depending on the starting location of the bear. So, we switched around after the first two variations. I’ll admit there was some truth to this theory, but YHC didn’t intend that when I selected my starting location, I promise.

Indian Run back to the parking lot, stop for some lunge walks, and then Mary behind Waffle House, as we waited for the six.
Pickle Pounders (this was a crowd pleaser, I could tell!)
Gas Pumpers
Dying Cockroach
Freddie Mercury
Mosey back to the flag, and 6-inches for the six.


FNG Marcus is from Tallahassee, so we named him Jimbo. Welcome!
Great to have BRD back after his hiatus!
Sunshine and Flo put us on notice for the Warrior Dash fundraiser in mid-April, get ready, need folks to HC.
Prayers for the week.

Humbled to lead this group of HIMs today.

Be there for the 3rd F after the BD this Wednesday, Chapter 6 – Humility

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