Fitness Test

When: 01/13/2018

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Miller Time, Sneakers, Dosido, Boomer, Saint2.0, Moonshine, Foghorn, Ha-Ha, Nacho Libre, Devito

It’s the start of a new year and the perfect time to find your baseline and set improvement goals for 2018.  10 PAX posted on a chilly morning for the standard Army fitness test … push-ups, sit-ups and a 2 mile run.  As PAX arrived, they wrote in their name and age on a clipboard to track scores.  At 0700, we set off on an easy warm up run around the parking lot.  Follow that up with IC SSH, imperial walkers and arm circles.

Fitness Test

Move onto the turf field and partner up.  Gave a quick recap of push-up standards.  Partner A started the 2 minutes of push-ups … as many reps as possible before time expired.  Partner B watched form and counted correct reps.  After 2 minutes, flap jack and Partner B did as many push-ups as possible in 2 minutes.  Next up was situps.  Partner A did as many reps as possible in 2 minutes while Partner B held ankles and kept count of correct reps.  Flapjack with Partner B doing situps.  After completion we moved back to the parking lot and PAX quickly wrote down push-up and situp counts while 1 minute of stretching for the run.  We then jogged over to the start line.  2 mile run on your own as fast as possible.  Upon completion, each PAX wrote down their time, then ran back to pick up the six.  With that, the fitness test was complete.

Rest of Beatdown

With the test complete, we moseyed over to the rock pile and each grabbed a medium sized rock.  25 OYO reps each of curls, shoulder presses, standing rows, skull crushers and goblet squats.  Follow that with 3 more rounds of the same exercises – 20 reps, 15 reps and 10 reps.  We then moved back to the turf field and lined up on the goal line for LT Dan’s to the far goal line.  With that time was short so we moseyed to the corner of the field near the parking lot for IC dying cockroach, American hammers and mountain climbers.


  • Prayers for the families of family members lost this week.
  • Prayers of healing for Mufasa and other Alpha PAX who are battling injury or illness.


The goal of the fitness test today was to provide each man a baseline score to track fitness improvement over the year.  It’s not comprehensive by any means, but an indicator of fitness level.  The point wasn’t to beat the guy next to you.  The point is a spark of motivation to post regularly through 2018 so you can beat your own score later in the year.  A link to the scores is below.  Use this to set a personal goal leading up to the next fitness test. If you missed it, you can set a baseline yourself … just google “APFT” and you’ll find the instructions and standards.  The plan is to do this again at some point this summer and then toward the end of 2018.    Don’t let yourself regress.

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