Nothing Finer in the Land…

When: 01/13/2018

QIC: Misty

PAX (): Whammo, Spaceballs, Ricky Bobby, Bloodhound, Legionnaire, Westside, Floppy, Cricket, Mickey, The Mole, Babyface, Manning, Yogi, Hombre, Shirley (FNG)

While the inspiration and backdrop for this beatdown was centered around a football season, it can apply to our society in general these days. The “what have you done for me lately” or recency bias finds its way into our thinking and makes it that much easier to focus on the negatives and lose sight of the positive things in our lives. While a blown coverage on the final play of the National Championship game was a heart wrenching way to end the season I wanted to remind everyone of how the rest of the season played out to show how special it truly was. Not that it can even be compared to other trials and tribulations that people are dealing with on a daily basis, but if it can help provide even a small opening for a shift in perspective to look for the positive things that He is doing in our lives then I can consider this Q a success. Now that YHCs soapbox moment is over, here’s what went down:

Warm Up

SSH x 15 IC

Windmills x 15 IC

Grab a coupon from the rock pile and mosey to the turf field, carrying it high and tight, careful not to fumble it away

The Thang

A look back at each game by doing a rep for each point UGA scored and sprinting down the field for the longest play by a UGA player for that particular game. Here’s what it looked like and we’ll see if anyone picks up on the subliminal message that the PAX may have failed to pick up on during all the fun.

Upright rows x 31 (with coupon), vs App St 31-10, Michel run for 44 yds

Gas pumps x 20, vs ND 20-19, Swift run for 40 yds

Alternating shoulder taps x 42 (rubicon count), vs Samford 42-14, Fromm to Godwin for 51 yd TD

Gorilla Humpers x 31, vs Mississippi St 31-3, first play of the game Chubb to Fromm to Godwin for 59 yd TD

Outlaws x 41 (20 right, 21 left), vs Tennessee 41-0, Holyfield 32 run for 32 yds

Dips x 45, vs Vandy 45-14, Michel run for 50 yd TD

American hammers x 53 (rubicon count), vs Mizzou 53-28, Swift run for 71 yds (at this time QIC discovered we were on the wrong side of the field so we did the next spring before the reps)

We’re not worthies x 42 (with coupon), vs Florida 42-7, Michel run for 74 yd TD

Goofballs x 24 (Kodiak count), vs South Carolina 24-10, Chubb run for 27 yds

San Antonio shuffle x 17, vs Auburn pt 1 17-40, Fromm to Wims for 38 yds

Sleeping hillbillies x 42 (42 on each side), vs Kentucky 42-13, Chubb 55 yd run for TD

Imperial squat walkers x 38 (Kodiak count), vs GT 38-7, Fromm to Crumpton for 78 yd TD

Crab cakes x 28 (Kodiak count), vs Aubrn pt 2 28-7, Swift run for 64 yd TD

E2Ks x 54 (Kodiak count), vs Oklahoma 54-48, Michel run for 75 yd TD

Mike Tysons x 23 (for the knockout punch), vs Bama 23-26, Fromm to Hardman for 80 yd TD

531 reps, ~1/2 mile in sprints, and one heckuva season.

But wait there’s more,

Moseyed along the scenic route back to the flag, depositing our coupons on the way with a few minutes of Mary to close things out.

Flutter kicks x 40 IC (thanks, Bloodhound!)

Iron Cross x 10? IC (thanks, Legionniare!)

Dying cockroaches x 15? IC (thanks, Babyface!)


Presto Namo

Welcome to new FNG, Shirley, and T-claps for coming out in the brutal cold and wind to post


Praying for Floppy, Whammo and Bloodhound’s loved ones and for The Mole to make good decisions, especially as it relates to self-treatment. Also praying for those less fortunate that are fighting the elements in what has been a brutally cold winter so far.

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