Who Ordered Up a HoeDown?

When: 01/11/2018

QIC: Manhole

PAX (): Leon, HoeDown (Myrtle Beach), Madoff, Poison, HVAC, Fizz

YHC, was joined by 6 Brave Lads, including a guest appearance from Myrtle Beach’s own HoeDown. We put him to work right away seeing as YHC remembered everything except a watch. Thanks HoeDown. We were blessed with an FNG to boot, courtesy of Mahi-Mahi who decided to Fart-sack. Welcome Chad.

Warm-O-Rama: (all x20 and all IC) – SSH, Windmills, Squats, Imperial Walkers, Merkins (x10 only)

The Thang: Partner Dora (100 hand-release merkins, 200 squats, 300 flutter kicks) keeping count between partners while the other does up and backs

Mosey over, out, up and back in to the “Pit of Despair” for a 3-pack of Dips (IC, x10), Step-Ups (IC, x16) and Incline Merkins (IC, x10) – 3 Sets

Mosey to the back corner – 1st set of wall sits followed by a quick lap around the lot, 2nd set of wall sits (a little longer) and another lap around the lot and all the way to the beginning for some…

Mary (Short but sweet) (all IC and all x20) – flutter kicks, obliques left, obliques right, and LBCs

SSH (IC and x10) and that’s all she wrote.

COT – Leon Took us Out

Naked Mole-skin – Chad Griffith officially became HVAC (despite Mahi-Mahi’s presence)

Leon has the Q on Saturday.

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