Shovel Flag Cover Up – Exposed!

When: 01/11/2018

QIC: Homeboy

PAX (): Dosido, Swisher, Cuban, Wiggum, Smurfette, Westside, Norm, Whiskey (FNG), Fleetwood (FNG), Law Dog, Manning, Legionnaire, Woody, Mr. Wizard, Good Hands, The Body, Tardy, Dori, Thrasher, Ricky Bobby, Cha-Cha, Titlemax, Chitwood, Cricket, and Whammo

*Reader beware – long post*

YHC felt wordy and inspirational this morning. This was our 4th post at the new Hickory Flat (@F3alpha) AO.  Speaking of our new AO, we have not decided on a permanent name as of today. There was much debate and research for AO names yesterday on Twitter.  Here is a quick recap of the top nominations:

  • Stone Clad
  • Hot House
  • Pig’s Foot
  • Paragon

Much of the Pax (inlcuding YHC) was ready to make a final decision on the AO name yesterday, however, we were reminded by Dosido and Bloodhound this is a sacred decision and we should take it slowly.  So marinate we will. Think about the names we have nominated, do some research and speak up!  Let the PAX know what you are thinking and if you have more name suggestions. This is a big deal boys!  These are sacred grounds because we are making an impact on the life of men and families through out our community.  Good stuff!

Moving on.  YHC is a repeat offender for leaving the Shovel Flag behind. Well this week is no different. YHC left the Shovel Flag onsite after Tuesday’s beatdown. Thrasher (3rd time posting at F3, I might add) went back to SHS to save me. Upon his arrival, he found our sacred Shovel Flag. Once again, YHC was bailed out. Luckily some senior at SHS did not plant the Shovel Flag in the back of his truck and swap out the US flag with a Hank Williams Jr Confederate Flag.

Here is the back story. Wednesday night YHC started to panic and get paranoid that Thrasher may not post on Thursday and bring the Shovel Flag. Plus YHC wanted to do everything possible to cover up this incident and keep it in total secrecy from the PAX. I arrived at 5AM in the morning, with my shovel, a back up flag and a roll of duct tape. As the tape was being applied, The Body arrived to witness the entire situation. Yes, The Body took it upon himself to share what he witnessed as each PAX arrived. Then to top off the entire situation, Thrasher showed up as promised and planted the AO Shovel Flag beside my homemade (panic) Shovel Flag. YHC was completely outed and my cover up was exposed. You’re welcome. There is a strategy behind YHC’s leadership style. YHC makes people feel they are ready for leadership immediately by leading through example. Fail fast and fail forward boys.

“If Homeboy can do this, I can DEFINITELY do this.” You’re welcome again (Q School in progress for all of our new F3 brothers).

Warm Up

SSH x 10ish IC

Windmills x 10ish IC

5 Burpees OYO

Long Mosey to the front of Hickory Flat Elementary (there was a lot of questions from the PAX about the QIC’s decision to run along the road in the dark and rain). We planked and waited for the six at the coupon pile.

The Thang

The PAX partnered up and picked out a coupon (advice to the new guys – when partnering with Cricket you may want to take the lead and pick the coupon unless you are ready to man up).

Coupon Modified Dora (YHC totally made up that name)

Partner 1 – start 100 curls with the coupon. Partner 2 runs short bus loop and picks up where Partner 1 finished off on the curls. Rinse and repeat to 200 overhead presses, then 300 skull crushers.

Super 21

Circle up on the grass knoll. The PAX started with 1 merkin, 1 BBS and 1 Monkey Humper. The goal was to keep going up by 1 for each exercise until you hit a total of 21 reps for each exercise. When the PAX hit 12 we went for a quick mosey. At the top of the hill we knocked out 10 Dips IC (Kodiak count) on the bench. Moseyed back to the grass knoll and started back on the Super 21 Routine. The Pax made it to somewhere around 16 – 18 reps before we had to wrap up and head back to the Shovel Flag debacle.


Several of the PAX stepped up and led some Mary exercises to wait on the six. YHC brought in the SIX, so I have no idea what exercises were executed at the Shovel Flag. We start together and we finish together! Again, Q School in progress! Great work boys!


  • Welcome 2 FNG’s – Fleetwood and Whiskey
  • Whiskey is a Marine. The PAX would like to give major props to all men and women who have served our country! We are forever indebted to your service and sacrifice.
  • 26 total PAX posted on Thursday morning. 12 out of the 26 PAX who posted are all new guys (they posted for the first time in the past two weeks at the Hickory Flat launch). Since our launch 19 FNG’s have posted. I cannot express how proud I am of this AO. Thank you so much for everyone’s help to get the word out. Mr. Wizard posted for the first time on January 2nd. Since the 2nd, he has recruited 3 FNG’s! This is just one example of how we are pulling together.
  • Huge props to men from other @F3alpha AO’s who have been posting and supporting the launch. GOOD WORK!
  • If you meet a new guy in the gloom and you don’t see him at the next Beatdown, call him! It is important for us to make new men feel welcomed and for them to know they are part of the F3 Nation. If we never follow up, they will feel like no one ever knew they posted in the first place. This challenge is for each of us!
  • Notes for NEW F3 Guys
    • YHC would strongly recommend reading resources from the Q Source page on the F3 Nation site and read “Freed To Lead” by OBT and Dredd
    • If you travel for work or you are on vacation, go to the F3 Nation website and plug in your travel location. Post with a local AO. It is an awesome benefit of the F3 Nation.
    • Join Twitter. It is the best way to connect with fellow F3 brothers and stay in the loop on everything happening with our AO and @F3alpha.
    • We have a lot of races coming up this year. The Spartan and Blue Ridge to name a few. Ask around the PAX if you want to learn more.
  • Prayer Requests
    • Pray for Mr. Wizard’s foot
    • Family member of Whiskey found a mass on his pancreas. His name is Greg.
    • Please continue to pray for Floppy’s wife and her recovery from surgery
    • Titlemax has a friend in the Buffington area that had an aneurism. His name is Carlos. From Titlemax’s description, Carlos is a HIM. Here is a go fund me page, please consider supporting him and his family.
    • See Whiskey if you are interested in a local 5K coming up. He has a friend that is organizing it for a local ministry. Sounds like a great opportunity for us to represent F3 in our local community.

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