Rock work, again


PAX (): Pothole, IHop, Ha Ha, Sunshine, Nacho, TO

Six Pax were treated to perfect work temperature of 54 degree at Caney Creek this morning.  In honor of Ha Ha’s completion of his first Ultra Marathon last weekend YHC had a (nearly) run free beatdown planned.  The Pax all beat the 0515 bell and we mosied for one quick lap around the parking lot and back to the bike rack for some warm up.

Warm Up:  Arm Circles, Hill Billies, Cotton Pickers and a couple rounds of circle burps to get the heart going.

The Thang:

Each Pax got the same old present as they did last week, a big rectangular landscaping rock weighing roughly 25 pounds and we gathered at the end of the parking lot for some modified Dora.  While one partner completed 20 squats (instead of the usual running) with their rock the other worked on:

  • 150 Curls
  • 200LBCs
  • 150 Merkins
  • 200 American Hammers
  • 150 Overhead Press
  • 50 Derkins

Partners alternated between squats and working down the  exercise until completed.  The pax started fast and YHC was worried he did not bring enough work for the 45 minute beatdown but then things seemed to settle into a more steady pace.  The six Pax all finished about the same time and we grabbed our rocks and set out on some lunges to the end of the parking lot and back.  It did not take long for Ha Ha and Nacho to move out in front.  We got about halfway down the parking lot and the combination of nearing 0600 and the pain of hundreds squats with rocks forced YHC to call an audible and do a 180 to our starting point.  Ended up not having enough time for leg dips with the rocks which will have to happen another day.

Mary: We had a solid 7 minutes for Mary (“no, not six, seven”) and each Pax took a turn leading.  Pothole (I think) brought the pain with a set of never-ending Merkins.

Moleskin:  Prayers for several guys who left the NLB program early and that they are able to continue with their healing.  Ha Ha has been consistently posting at Caney Creek and completed his first Ultra Marathon last weekend;  imagine what Caney Creek could do for you?  Next week Pothole is on the Q!

It’s really dark, really early and not a real big group, but YHC really appreciates the guys who show up and the 45 minutes of fellowship and pain.  I always look forward to Wednesday mornings.

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