Road Trip

When: 01/10/2018


PAX (): Hat Trick, Crab Legs, Turbine, Virginia Slim, Mad Dog, Bird Dog, Sprocket, Racquet, Miller Time, Rooney, Thumper, Squeegee, Polaroid, Bear, Circus, AFLAC

With a Q on the horizon and some of the MW boys threatening to fart-sack another Murph, YHC wanted to bring something fresh to the Wreck PAX that would change things up a bit.  However, given that we’ve covered just about every square inch of the Wreck he figured that an off-campus adventure was in order.  With 0530 approaching and no sign of aforementioned MW’ers, YHC bought the fellas 5 minutes of time with a home-base warm-up.

Warm Up

  • 60 SSH
  • 60 Imperial Walker
  • 40 Abe Vigoda

With no sign of stragglers (and a curiously absent Sprocket who said he was going to attend), we were off.

The Thang

Mosey out the Wreck entrance, down Woodstock and turn at North Coleman Rd. with Burpees for the six at specific intervals to keep the PAX together.  Once on N. Coleman, immediately left on Thomas Circle with more Burpees for the six until we reach N. Coleman again.  A quick jaunt up N. Coleman to a curious little side street called Knoll Woods Dr. with additional Burpees at the entrance.  Mosey roughly 175 yards down a steep incline to the base of the hill where we’d kick-off 5 rounds of the following:

  • 50 Merkins (bottom)
  • Run 150-175 yards to top of hill
  • 50 LBC’s (top)

I’m not sure about the other PAX, but that hill seemed pretty long after round 2 and YHC was very tempted to call it after 4.  After grinding out a 5th ascent, Bear gathered finishers while YHC went down again to sweep the six (and yet another ascent).

Quick run to the top of N. Coleman with 10 Burpees for the six before making our way back to the flag where we found Sprocket looking rather fresh.  Apparently, he didn’t get the road-trip memo and spent the last 45 performing search and rescue ops looking for the PAX (check his Strava route for proof).  With Sprocket finally in tow and an additional round of Burpees for the six (making a total of 10 rounds of Burpees), it was time for some Mary:

  • 60 Squats
  • 20 Mountain-Climbers
  • 60 Dying Cockroach
  • 60 American Hammer


  • Welcome back Mad Dog!
  • The Wreck Mudgear shirts should arrive any day now.
  • Discussion of potential races for PAX to join, including Helenback.
  • Open Q slots are available – if you haven’t led yet, sign up!
  • New rule – now that we’ve done our first road-trip, PAX may just bring W/O to known fart-sackers in the future.

AFLAC out.



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