Call Outs Work

When: 01/11/2018


PAX (): Valdez (FNG), Spandex, Scar, HaHa, Foghorn, Flo, Zima, Dc2, Devito, Special K, Mufasa, Nacho Libre, Miller Time

Yep, Call out them fartsackers on the twitterverse and they might just show up.  I got two out of three anyways so while 66.66% isn’t a passing grade, it’s a good percentage of success when you are talking about a 5:30 AM Post.  Anyway, it was misty this morning but warm and we were off on a mosey around the park with a quick SSH, Cotton Picker Warm up.

What we did was find a parking lot with a lot of lines and we did descending Exercises starting at 13 lines out with 13 SSH.  Sprint back to home and return to the 12th line for 12 SSH.  All the way to home.  Repeated next with Carolina Dry docks (Stone Mountains for the Wreckers) and then some squats.

Bottom of brokeback mountain for 50 Mercan’s sprint to the top, 50 LBC’s, back down for 25 alternating mercan shoulder taps, back to the top for 25 – 2 count J-Lo’s

Back to a parking lot with many lines.  Everyone grabbed a line in a plank position and first man did 5 mercans and then sprinted to the front for an open line.  On an on to the top.  Reverse back to the bottom with Squats.  Mosey back to the flag with some wait for the six Burpee’s along the way.

Some quick MARY involving Dolly’s and Nacho inspired T-Bombs

Prayers for Nacho’s Aunt in her final days
Prayers for Flo as he has his kids for the weekend while his wife travels
Need more Q Sheet signups not naming names of any newer guys ready to VQ (Spandex and Scar)
Physical Fitness test this Saturday at the Widow Maker!  Come push yourself

Awesome to have an FNG out today – Valdez.  Seems like a great addition.
Mufasa on fire today with the motivation and energy – possibly threatened by the return of the ultimate Co-Q.
Speaking of DC2; nice to have him back working into shape!
Flo in the house – clearly missing him some west side action.
YHC borrowed some Wreck style themes in today’s work because why not.
HaHa had the distance at 2.7 Miles today

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