So Fresh and So CLean

When: 01/10/2018

QIC: Wham-O

PAX (): Legionairre, Do-si-do, The Mole, Westside, Babyface, Dory, Banjo, Chitwood, Harp, Wiz, Lawdog, Yogi, Woody, Cricket, Mickey

On this spring-like day we had 16 show up for a mid-week beatdown. Most were overdressed, and quickly felt the need to shed those layers after the Beatdown began.
Warm-o-rama: 15 Side-straddle hops, 10 Abe Vigodas (Windmills, just really slow, “Old Man Style.” Some of us have a long way to go and bad backs to reach our toes, just saying…) 15 Imperial Walkers, and Arm Circles.
The Thang
We moseyed over to the track and YHC felt the need for the PAX to get to know him a little bit, so we payed homage to the greatest hip-hop Duo in history with an Outkast beatdown. With their 6 studio albums, inventive musical stylings as well as the incredible presence they have had an Atlanta, all of us should be grateful for what Outkast has given the world. So we did five rounds of a 600 meter run (equaling an Andre 3000) interrupted by Big Boi, yes that is spelled correctly, versions of 10 Burpees (Sprawling), Mercans (Hand Release), Sit-Ups, and Mountain Climbers (Feet all the way to the hands). We got to it, and the mumble chatter either was too far ahead of me (distinct possibility) or slowed down after running longer distances than accustomed. Shout out to the Mole for going the extra lap, perhaps he wanted to pay tribute to a direct descendent of the iconic Atlanta rap duo by honoring Childish Gambino with his hit 3005. I’m sure that was in his mind the whole time.
After various versions of planking for the six we went on a search and rescue, a little later than Harp would have liked, we introduced the next expercise of a BOMBS over Baghdad. After poor explanation, the PAX split into groups of threes. Two members were on either goal line doing AMRAP of Burpees, Overhead Claps, Mercans, Big Boi sit-ups, and Squats while the third ran the opening lines of B.O.B on the field using the lines as a number grid. Two folks do Burpees while the third runs the number 1, relieves the second person who runs number one, relives the third person who runs the number, then the original runner runs the number two all while looking forward. I’m not sure if we ever completely synced up on it, but YHC remains convinced it was inspired and awesome.
We had to cut the BOB for time, but moseyed back to the Flag to finish with BOMBS with 20 stargazer squats.
COT: There are several organizations in which the PAX can be involved in the betterment of our community. Lets look for opportunities to be present in All Pro Dads, local leadership organizations, etc, and build our selves and our community by getting F3 out there. If you have a group you’d like to take the lead on, let the PAX know and we will come out and support.
Prayers for Floppy’s M as she recovers from surgery. YHC’s daughter as she faces several appointments.

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