Four for Friday

When: 01/05/2018

QIC: SmackDown

PAX (): Goat, Racquet & Rooney

Four PAX braved the 19-degree heat for a record breaking beatdown at the Wreck. First, this was the smallest number of Wreck-men to conquer the fartsack and brave the gloom for the First F.  For seconds, this was the coolest 45 minutes of beatdown to date. Frigid comes to mind, but four men showed up so the only thing to do at 5:30 AM was mosey…

Over to the parking lot adjacent to turf fields for a little warm up:
22x SSH
12x Toy Solider
10x Cotton Picker
22x Mountain Climber

The Thang
Black Jack: 20 Donkey Kicks > 1 Squat; run length of parking lot in between.
– The lot is much longer in person so an audible was called to drop the 21 reps to 11.
– Planks for the six.

Head over to the gridiron for some core suicides. Starting on the goal line:
– Run to 50, back for 50 LBC’s
– Run to 40, back for 40 Flutter Kicks
– Run to 30, back for 30 Sweat Angels
– Run to 20, back for 20 BB Sit-ups
– Run to 10, back for 10 Crab Cakes
No wait for the six, but Q needed an internal 10 count

Broad Jump Burpee: combo of burpee with a broad jump forward at the end
– Started on goal line and completed the sequence to the far goal line.


Rooney beats everyone back to flag as we hit 45.

Tclaps to Goat, Racquet and Rooney for showing up and keeping the intensity high! Rooney and Racquet both have VQ’s this month, way to step up!

– We need a Q for Monday. Signup sheet can be found here.

– AO Convergence at Riverside Park in Roswell 7:00-8:30 AM tomorrow. $5 for F&B. I-Beam will share the Q!

– YHC just received a shipping notification from the F3 Gear Store!!

Always a pleasure gentlemen!


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