Miles and Merkins

When: 01/04/2018

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): Miller Time, Mufasa, Special K, Southwest, Zima, Spandex, Scar, Nacho Libre, Krueger

10 PAX braved the single digit wind chill to humble me yet again.  But today was extra special for YHC…

-quick lap around the parking lot
-mosey over to the side parking lot for SSH, Hillbilly, Cotton Picker
-mosey across street

-miles and merkins
-10 merkins at every cross street and speed hump
-we moseyed through downtown Alpharetta, stopping along the way for merkins and planking for the six at the major intersections
-after the long haul, we moseyed back to the dog track wall at the edge of the park
-each PAX took turns running 25 yards ahead and doing 5 monkey humpers
-mosey to the planters for Dips and Step Ups
-mosey to Grits pavilion for 2 rounds of Extended Leg Lifts, Derkins and Step Ups
-mosey back to the flag for 1 MOM, LBC style

YHC forgot his watch this morning and was forced to ask the PAX every 10 minutes for a time update.  Not very professional.

This morning started out like any other morning for me destined for the gloom.  Alarm clock buzzing just before 5a.  Thoughts of fartsacking dancing in my head.  But wait, I’m the Q.  Jump up, brush my teeth, layer up and grab a banana (my signature move) on my way out the door.  But today felt different.  Today I shared during the COT that I am celebrating my 2 year anniversary as a F3 PAX.   On the drive over, I decided to scrap my planned beatdown that consisted of running around the park doing burpees and other fun stuff and instead mix it up with something different.  I wanted to push the PAX to a longer run, something we hadn’t done in a while.  We planked for the six at the major intersections but it was clear 1 PAX was falling behind.  Before I could even process what was going on, one of our H.I.M., stepped up and helped the PAX make it back.  You see, this is why F3 has made such a big impact on my life the past 2 years.  We are there for each other, not for ourselves.  F3 is not “just another workout”.  It is a band of brothers who push each other and hold each accountable.  It is more about camaraderie than fitness.  It gives us a forum to pray for each other during hard times or even laugh together over a few beers.  This 2 years has flown by.  F3Alpha has gone from 1 AO to 7 different AO’s with dozens of workouts each week.   I want to personally thank the trailblazers who came before me and helped launch the original AO a few months before I jumped on.  Boomer, Crack, DC2, Foghorn just to name a few.  And thanks to the  guys that push the PAX everyday like Nacho, Mufasa, Miller Time, HaHa and Devito (I could go on and on).  And I’m especially thankful for Flo for the strong EH to get me out here.  Okay, I’ve talked enough.  Lastly, I wanted to share the following from one of our PAX below.  I share his sentiment exactly.

From Zima in the watercooler this week:

Hi All, thought I’d share how last Saturday’s beatdown impacted me… As we finished the last Widowmaker beatdown of 2017 led by Mufasa we reflected on the year and discussed our goals for 2018. For me it’s been almost a year since I embarked on my F3 journey so today I decided to revisit a place I haven’t been in awhile – the gym. Here’s what I learned. 1) If you haven’t been to the gym in long time – It doesn’t care. It doesn’t ask if you are okay, or if you need help. F3 – YOU – do. You guys care. 2) If you are struggling with that last rep or last 1/2 mile the gym doesn’t encourage you to keep going, keep working hard. F3 – YOU guys do. 3) If you need help getting through tough times, someone to pray with you, pray for you – the gym can’t help you. F3 – YOU guys can. 4) If you want help building muscle, sure the gym can do that. But if you want help getting stronger mentally, physically and spiritually the gym can’t do that. F3 – YOU guys can. Thank you to Devito and Miller Time for introducing me to F3 and for pushing me to lead beatdowns. Thank you to Mufasa and Ha-Ha for being true inspirations and models of both physical and mental fitness. And Thank You to all of you who have pushed me during beatdowns in 2017. So as we begin 2018 if you are in need of a reminder or extra motivation to get out of the fartsack at 5am, reflect back to where you were before F3 and where you are today. You’ll be glad you did.

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