Christmas Gifts at Caney Creek

When: 01/03/2018


PAX (): Ha Ha, IHop, TO

The pax awoke to a balmy 23 degrees this morning which was about double the prior day when YHC decided to fartsack in lieu of a return to the Rubicon.  The warm(er) weather and dry conditions made for no excuses for any further delay to burning off the excesses of holidays; Ha Ha excluded who is already well out in front for 2018 beatdowns.


  • 2 lap mosey around the parking lot
  • 16 x SSH
  • 12 x Hill Billies
  • 12 x Cotton Pickers


The Thang:

Following Warm-up the pax headed over to YHC’s vehicle for some late Christmas gifts. Each pax was rewarded with a nice rectangular landscaping block weighing roughly 20 pounds (maybe 25?).  It was one size fits all so there were no complaints or exchanges.  With great joy the pax took their gifts and headed over to the end of the parking lot for some Dora with our new toys.

  • 100 Curls
  • 200 Rows
  • 250 Overhead Press
  • 300 Squats

Squats with the “gift” was met with some modifications (no gift) on some of the reps, with the exception of IHop who was not to be denied maximum pain.

Next phase of the beatdown also included an opportunity to play with our gifts.  Together the pax ran laps around the parking lot, stopping four times on each lap where one pax would have his gift placed on his back for 10 merkins while the others did squats with theirs, alternating on the merkins with each stop.  With about 8 minutes to go YHC realized that going bare legged was a bad idea when a calf cramped up, so it seemed like a good time to call an audible and make it the last lap and hobble in to home base for some Mary.

Mary:  J-Lo, Rosalita, Box Cutter, Dying Cock Roach and something else.


  • Convergence on Saturday 7am at Riverside Park in Roswell
  • Looking forward to the return of The Nurse as he nears full recovery from a big piece of plate glass dropping on his calf
  • Prayers for Ha Ha on his 50K race this weekend with F3 Lexington guys

Coffeeteria for YCH and Ha Ha at DD following the beatdown was enjoyable as always.  We discussed some ideas to increase our NLB bros’ participation.  Ha Ha with a great idea to do an afternoon beatdown 1X a month to expose more pax to F3.

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