Chopper came back and brought the cold with him!

When: 01/04/2018

PAX (): Chopper, Leon, Mahi-Mahi

YHC was joined by 3 “new” brave souls. Not the fartsackers of today that joined on Tuesday, but 3 new guys who apparently can’t read a thermometer, or just did not care.  In any event, they blessed me with their prescience.

Warm-O-Rama: Unconventional Mosey to get the blood flowing as it was 19 degrees and falling with a brisk wind. (real feel of 8ish). After that some calisthenics (all IC and x15 except for the merkins at x10) Imp Walkers, SSH, Cotton Pickers, Squats  and Merkins. Bonus Baryshnikov’s at the end. (x10) for the injured Seles.

The Thang: Suicides across the parking lot, using the tips of the parking lines as stopping points. Once was enough. (wind was brutal)

Mosey to the alcove – alternating 60 second wall sits and hand release merkins (IC and x10) 3 rounds

Mosey to the front of the school to the rock garden – 3 rounds of Curls, Overhead Press, Skull crushers and Dips. (all IC and all x15) Trade rocks along the way.

2 rounds step ups (IC and x15) and Hand Release Merkins (IC and x10)

Mosey back to the alcove for one more set of wall sits and hand release merkins

COT – Leon took us out. Took time to think about those surviving the cold and our fart-sacking brothers.

See you all on Saturday. Meet up for the convergence at the lot between Starbucks and CVS for carpool at 6:30 if you like or at Riverside Park in Roswell, a few minutes before 07:00. Eat your Wheaties. 90 minute beat down with 3 different Qs.

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