Chazz Michael Michaels

When: 01/02/2018

QIC: Crack (Side Straddle Hopper)

PAX (): Foghorn (Chazz Michael Michaels), Crack (Jerry Reed fanatic)

Foghorn and I had been going back and forth on AIM all weekend about how much fun we were going to have at the Witch and the Wardrobe and it really got me pumped. I brought my scooter into the Publix parking lot (that’s the AO) as the sun hit my eyes. I could already feel the sweat beading up on my forehead. It was then I knew that we were going to make this a really intensive 45 minute warm-up. Jerry Reed has always told me “when you hot, you hot” and hot is really just an intensive warm. I looked at him, he looked at me, and we just busted out laughing! It was time. I put my ponytail in a scrunchie, popped on my green and yellow striped sweatband set – YES!, you read that right… a scrunchie and a sweatband headband!! – and we hit it hard.

First, we did arm circles for what felt like 2 minutes. And then, we did imperial walkers, followed by my favorite: SIDE STRADDLE HOPZZZ! Break for a 10 count and to tear my sleeves off… fo’ real. I’m telling you, just listen to Jerry Reed. We knew by this time, it would be really tough to maintain this pace, but it just seemed like we should give it our best shot. From there the trifecta: cotton pickers, windmills, and cotton mills. Phew… 10 count! Finally, the Hillbilly, some Chinooks, and Finkle Swings, followed by back-to-back 10 counts. (No, it was not a 20 count. Those don’t exist.)


  • That was thrilling. Almost like my Thriller socks. Now where to find that red jacket?
  • Great work by Foghorn… as always! I thought he was going down when I called out the Nancy Kerrigans, but just like Chazz Michael Michaels, he kicked some ice!
  • tWxtW will have a different start time next week. Probably around 8pm on 1/8 at some local bar or something. The week after that, Foghorn has the keys and the BB will get back to normal.

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